Apr 23, 2020
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Adonit Dash 3 review – Thin stylus and at a good price

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Hello everyone, today’s review concerns a pen that will allow us to write and draw on a laptop or iPad, the Dash 3 produced by Adonit .

In the wide range of pens that Adonit offers, the Dash 3 is in the medium segment and is offered at a price of $ 49.99 . Compatible with iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad 2017, iPhone from 5 up (in addition to Android devices) and offered in three different colors (Black, silver and bronze), Dash 3 guarantees a quantitative use of 14 hours per face of charging time of three quarters of an hour.

The packaging

Dash3 comes in a minimal package, very accurate and clean. The anodized aluminum pen is very pleasant to hold, it gives a feeling of solidity and professionalism. The body, linear and with a diameter of 8.5 mm, ends with the 1.9 mm tip, made of hard rubber.
On the upper end of the pen there is the on / off button, while on the body there are a LED that indicates the status of the device and a practical clip to pin Dash 3 to the pocket.

Also included is a USB charger that I personally liked very much. The pen is connected via a magnet to the charger, with a click that gives a lot of satisfaction: it is possible to recharge in any position, even with the pen upside down.

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Usage impressions
We tested Dash 3 on an iPad Mini, using the most common drawing apps.
The pen performs well and allows you to quickly and easily make sketches and annotations; the precision of the tip is very good, even if in the repeated and fast sections the gap pays towards professional products, with a little delay in the response (partly attributable also to the App).

Underlining presentations or pdfs, making quick notes, scribbling becomes much faster and faster than using your fingers anyway. The linear shape of the pen is very elegant even if, thanks also to the sometimes slightly slippery aluminum, for prolonged use a better ergonomics (or a rubber grip as in Adonit PRO products) would not hurt.

Out of pure curiosity, I also tried Dash3 on my Lenovo Yoga with touch screen and … it works very well!

Dash 3 is confirmed as a good product , qualitatively well made and offered at an affordable price .
The user who needs to take quick notes, mess up text files, make short sketches will certainly not be disappointed and will find an ad hoc product.
If I really have to find a fault , perhaps it lies in the not perfect alignment of the clip with the body of the pen, slightly angled by a few degrees, but they are subtleties… ..

For more intensive uses and demanding drawing sessions it is perhaps better to turn to more professional devices , such as the Pixel , the Pixel Pro or the Ink Pro .

We have already received a copy of the Pixel Pro , we will review it soon and we will make the necessary comparisons with the Dash 3!

You can buy it directly from the manufacturer’s website or via Amazon at the following link , at the moment at a very interesting price of 36 € .

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