Sep 18, 2020
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A few days after Satispay, Hype also arrives, a very flexible online bank account

I told you before, this is the month of the fintech apps for the HUAWEI AppGallery, where Hype, the virtual credit card of Banca Sella, also arrives today.

After Satispay, announced only a few days ago, here comes another important app, already widely used in Italy.

HYPE is defined as   the most important Italian challenger bank, has more than 1 million customers and is already an established  digital solution for simple and efficient money management.

Those who own a smartphone with   Huawei Mobile Services  will be able to open an account for free, in less than 5 minutes and receive the payment card directly at home. 

In addition to payments, Hype offers advanced services such as the intelligent and automatic saving function based on your objectives and availability.

There are also simple and immediate control of the expenses made, as well as the possibility of requesting an instant loan up to € 2,000.

In addition, there is the possibility of obtaining cashback from purchases.

HYPE is especially popular with young people (55% of customers are under 30 years of age), it was created with the specific objective of making money management simpler and smarter through the smartphone.

You can send and receive wire transfers, withdraw cash from ATMs around the world without commissions, exchange money for free and instantly with other hypers, categorize and organize all movements automatically.

The customer can pause the card and instantly reactivate it directly from the app so that no one can use it.

The arrival of HYPE on AppGallery expands the offer for those who choose new devices without Google Services and as announced in unsuspected times, it is only a matter of time for the gap to be filled.

To date, AppGallery boasts over 60,000 apps integrated with HMS Core, all verified and compatible with the four security levels of the platform.

“ The growth of AppGallery ,  our proprietary store – already third in the world, is a daily job to which we dedicate great effort.

Every day we work to offer the best possible experience on the products and services of our ecosystem, carefully selecting partners and proposing advantageous solutions for all companies that choose to join our platform.

Today, we are happy to welcome HYPE, which offers a complete, secure and reliable money management experience through technology . 

For our users, and in particular the younger ones, it is essential to take advantage of a dynamic but easily usable experience, which allows you to perform operations in a few simple taps and for us it is important to offer this convenience on all our devices . ” 

Hype is probably not the last major arrival of June, I will continue to inform you about upcoming developments.

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