May 5, 2020
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Anti-abandonment devices: the best 5 on Amazon

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Amazon has just launched a page dedicated to anti-abandonment devices which have become mandatory since last year in Italy for children under the age of 4. By anti-abandonment device we mean a certified device capable of detecting the presence or absence of the child from the seat , whether it is an external device to be mounted on the seat or of seats that have already integrated a similar device capable of send a notification to the parents’ smartphone via a dedicated application.

Those who have already purchased a seat without an anti-abandon system will have to buy an external device and mount it on the seat, while those who are about to buy a new seat will have to be careful to verify that it is equipped with a similar system and, in case on the contrary, proceed with the purchase of an external device such as the one offered for sale by Chicco.

Let’s see together some suggestions among those that can be purchased by taking advantage of the 30 euro bonus paid by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport following the procedure explained at this address .

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