Oct 10, 2019
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Apple: a step towards independent repairs

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Apple surprisingly takes a first step in the direction of independent repairs . The Cupertino company has indeed announced its new Independent Repair Provider Program , which will also allow third-party technicians to access original spare parts , training, manuals and diagnostic tools. The new program will be implemented initially in the United States and only on iPhones no longer under warranty, but it cannot be excluded that it may be extended in the future.

As widely known, Apple has always requested users to contact the same company, or officially authorized partners, for all the assistance and device repair needs. However, this choice did not prevent the creation and multiplication of numerous independent businesses , some of which are also very popular with consumers, often the only alternative in those places where an Apple Store or an authorized service provider is not available. These stores, not being part of the swarm of realities authorized by Apple itself, have nevertheless always struggled to gain access to original spare parts bearing the bitten apple. An issue not without controversy, especially in the United States, where for months different pressure groups have been calling for the approval of specific rules on the right to repair , so that the user can choose for himself which reality to contact.

In a surprise move, as already mentioned, Apple has decided to take a step in the direction of these businesses. With this program, even independent repairers will have access to the training, components and tools of the Cupertino company – from batteries to screens , through manuals – initially on devices out of warranty on the iPhone line.

For the independent interested parties, there are obviously requirements tobe met in order to access the Independent Repair Provider Program: the company must be ready to provide verification documents to Apple, it must have a shop in a known commercial area and in the Your team must have at least one technician who has followed the Apple certification process.

Jeff Williams , COO of Apple, commented on the initiative:

To best meet the needs of our consumers, we will make it easier for independent repairers in the US to access the same resources as our Apple Authorized Service Provider network. When a repair is needed, the consumer must be sure that it is done the right way. We believe that the safest and most reliable way is the one performed by an expert technician, with rigorously tested original parts.

As already explained, the plan is now active in the United States and could soon be extended to other countries.

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