Jan 3, 2020
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Apple iPad 7: When education rhymes with concessions

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Since 2017, Apple offers an entry-level iPad . An entry-level at the scale of the brand, obviously, whose price started at 409 € for its first version, falling to 359 € in 2018 before rising this year to 389 €. Beyond the segment of digital slates more affordable, Apple is primarily seeking to settle comfortably in the education system. Computer tools are spreading more and more in education and the tablet is a perfect solution to integrate the classroom.

As our colleagues at iGeneration raise , the iPad 7 offers as much novelty as backtracking. Among the new features offered by the Apple tablet, the main is the ability to connect a keyboard. There was a time when this type of accessory – apart from specialized manufacturers – was reserved only for models of the iPad Pro range. However, the prices charged on this series Pro only made it difficult for him to go to schools with tight budgets. The arrival of an iPad 7 usable with a keyboard and pen Apple Pencil 1 – already exploitable with the iPad 6  – sold under the 400 € mark, is more in line with the world of education.

A bigger screen, but not so good

Another novelty, the screen of the iPad 7 exceeds the cap of 10 inches diagonally (10.2 inches to be precise), against 9.7 inches before. Here again, this surface gain is not negligible in terms of comfort of use in an office optics. However, this screen loses support for the full sRGB color space. A surprising backtrack, Apple has improved its displays regularly for several years. But this characteristic certainly does not enter the priorities of the school world. In his article, iGenalso raises that the transition to a screen of more than 10 inches is not totally innocuous. Indeed, Microsoft offers free licenses for Office devices less than 10 inches. The 0.5 inch gap between the iPad 6 and his successor had to be welcomed with satisfaction from Redmond. Probably less in schools that will have to add the price of a license to these tablets if they want to take advantage of the Office Suite.

The rest of the data sheet of the iPad 7 looks like the iPad 6. Apple has extended the A10 chip to animate the tablet, which should not pose performance problems in the context of the iPad. a use at school. However, this could have an impact on the duration of the software support for the iPad 7. Indeed, the development of iOS is largely based on the possible optimization depending on the different SoC used. With each new iteration of the Apple OS, a series of devices from the brand is removed from the list of updated devices. Building on the 2019 A10 released in 2016, the iPad 7 could be updated a year less than if he had opted for the next generation. VS’

The return of the first-generation Touch ID

No change either for the photo part that is not a priority on a tablet, let alone in the school setting. We even note a return to the Touch ID fingerprint reader, which is from a previous generation to that of the iPad 6. It sounds like a stingray for the consumer market and a backtrack difficult to swallow. But again, in looking back from an educational point of view, this difference is negligible.

All these choices finally seem quite logical in Apple’s approach to education. Despite all these concessions, Apple has not been able to maintain the price of the iPad 6. Knowing that we must add € 179 for the keyboard, € 99 for the Pencil, the note is saltier than ever. Without taking into account any discounts for group orders, the total amount is € 667 – not counting the Office license. If the format of the iPad is a definite asset, its price still leaves great prospects Google Chromebook in the education system.

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