Apr 8, 2019
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Assintel Report XL 2019, how much companies spend on technology

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Exit Assintel Report XL with new focus on ICT spending in Italian regions and SMEs

Assintel Report XL 2019, how much companies spend on technology
The data relating to the Assintel Report XL 2019, which collects information on the expenses of small and medium-sized Italian companies in the digital field, was published today.

In 2019 the ICT spending of Italian companies will reach 30.5 billion euros . Northern Italy will cover 56% of the market, but at the regional level Lazio will spend more – more than 20% of the total – followed by Lombardy.

The micro enterprises are investing mainly in Security and Mobile applications, small and midsize companies, however, in the Core Business Applications.

But one company out of three declares the lack of adequate corporate skills or culture as the main obstacle to Digital Transformation .

Thus emerges from the new insights of the XL version of the Assintel Report, the research on the ICT and Digital market in Italy, carried out by Assintel , National Association of ICT and Digital Companies, with CFMT – Tertiary Management Training Center – together with the research company independent IDC Italia .

The project, sponsored by the Agency for Digital Italy and with the partnership of Confcommercio and SMAU, was carried out with the contribution of Adfor, Etna Hitech, Intel, Kaspersky Lab, Noovle .

The ICT market in the territory: the ranking of the Regions
The ranking of the Regions sees Lazio in first place with almost 6 and a half billion euros (which represent over 20% of ICT spending on the national total), followed closely by Lombardy with 6 billion .

In third place is Piedmont (4 billion), followed by Emilia Romagna (3 billion) and Veneto (2.5 billion euro).

At the macro-regional level, the ranking is driven by the North West (35%) , the Center in second place (27%), the North East (21%) in third place, the South & Islands (17%) closes.

But the ranking changes if we pass from the ICT spending to the Digital Transformation path that the companies in the Application are – or are not – completing.

On the podium the companies of the North East (38% reached their Digital Transformation targets at least 50%), followed by the North West (32%), the Center (30%) and finally the South & Islands (16%) .

What is striking, on the other hand, is the fact that 40% of companies in the North West have not yet considered or defined their digital strategy, as evidence of a highly diversified and fragmented situation that often crosses regional borders.

The most requested skills

Companies increasingly require specific digital skills to cope with the changes imposed by Digital Transformation, but the gap with the labor market remains high. Here are the areas in which the requests are concentrated:

North West: Social Networks (53%), IoT (34%) and Cloud (24%)
North East: Cloud (44%), Social Network (42%), IoT (35%)
Center: Social Network (45%), Cloud (31%), Security (29%)
South and Islands: Social Networks (43%), IoT (37%), Data Science & Analytics (22%)

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