Jul 22, 2019
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Bethesda announces Orion, a technologist for faster cloud-gaming

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On the occasion of E3, Bethesda presented Orion, a patented collection of software technologies that will optimize game engines for superior performance in streaming. Developed by the engineers of id Software, known for the high performance id Tech 6 game engine, Orion is a streaming technology independent of games and platforms that will allow video games to be streamed with less latency and less bandwidth, making them accessible to a wider audience, in more regions and at higher quality.

Unlike streaming services focused on hardware solutions, Orion is a technology based on the game engine that optimizes a title for the cloud. Integrated into the game engine itself, Orion can reduce latency by 20% per frame and the required bandwidth of 40%. Orion technology is complementary to the data center hardware technology built by other streaming service providers, ensuring a doubly efficient result.

“We have used our experience in the field of game engines to offer streaming differently, that is starting from the engine itself,” said Robert Duffy, technical manager of id Software. “We wanted a faster and better streaming experience for the players, at a level that the developers aspire to, with reduced costs and better synergy with service providers. Orion focuses on these goals and will take the streaming of games to a new level. . “

For players, Orion will mean high-speed performance with imperceptible latency even in an adrenaline-pumping shooter, less network bandwidth usage, wider geographic availability and satisfying game quality even for players who live far from data centers.

For developers, the Orion software development kit integrates easily into the game, allowing them to deliver a superlative streaming experience with minimal effort.

For streaming providers, Orion means reaching a wider audience at reduced cost and at high efficiency levels. Orion makes substantial cuts in data center investment costs and the costs of running a streaming service possible.

“Consumers want non-existent latency when they play high-performance titles, and these games must be enjoyable by a mass audience, not just by those who live near data centers or those with very high speed connections,” said James Altman, editors director at Bethesda Softworks. “Thanks to Orion, players away from data centers will be able to stream Doom at 60 frames per second and a 4K resolution without perceptible latency. An Orion-based game will be faster, smoother and more efficient in terms of streaming. “

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