Mar 10, 2020
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Big Drone, the first with human on board

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From Croatia comes the first drone in the world capable of performing pirouettes and loops at 140 km / h in the sky, complete with a human on board .

We are talking about the ” Big Drone “, a large aircraft that can be piloted remotely and that has a passenger inside. The maiden flight was performed in the skies of Croatia with the Drone Champions League CEO Herbert Weirather on board . The great drone has in fact made its first flight to sponsor the launch of the video game DCL – The Game , linked to the championship of small racing drones called, in fact, Drone Champions League (DCL) and created in 2016 to bring together the best pilots of small racing drones in the world.

The Big Drone was born because the DLC audience complained that it was difficult to follow small drones in the sky during the races.

Basically we started with very small drones – explains Herbert Weirather – they were super fast and nobody could really follow them, so we zoomed in, and zoomed in again and people said they were still too small. So we made a really big one, and that’s how Big Drone was born, Weirather said.

The Big Drone was designed by Drone Champions AG around the carbon monocoque of a formula 1 car, it is about 5 meters wide and has 12 large engines and propeller to keep it in flight. Now the DCL organization is looking for pilots to bring the Big Drone to heaven, and will make a sort of “selection” through the game DLC – The Game. In the meantime Drone Champions AG, the company behind DCL, will continue to refine the Big Drone in view of a future tournament yet to be confirmed.

The Big Drone can fly up to 140 kilometers per hour using its 12 engines and propellers, capable of producing 217 horsepower. The aircraft is capable of carrying up to 120 kilograms of weight. Big Drone can indeed pick up a passenger on board, be careful: not a pilot who will remain on the ground instead, and will control the drone with a remote control.

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