Jun 11, 2018
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CEBIT 2018

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Founded in 1970 as a section of the Hanover Fair, CEBIT is today one of the most important events in the world for the ICT sector (Iinformation and Communication Technology). The 2018 edition, staged from 11 to 15 June in the German city, brings together companies, professionals, press and professionals from all over the world.

The organization defines the appointment as a Business Festival for Innovation and Digitization. Many topics are covered: mobility, security, platforms for collaboration, workspace 4.0, blockchain, eGovernment, augmented and virtual reality, influencer marketing, artificial intelligence, robotics, drones and much more.

It is the hi-tech fair that in Europe, for over four decades, every season attracts a large number of professionals (and others) in the period between spring and summer: CEBIT is not lacking the appointment with its target audience even in this 2018. The new edition goes on stage from 11 to 15 June in the city of Hanover. The slogan chosen is “The Future is Fun”, with a program more than ever packed with meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences.

The fair

The name CEBIT is actually an acronym and you have to use German to fully understand the meaning: “Centrum für Büroautomation, Informationstechnologie und Telekommunikation”, translated “Center for Automation of Offices, Information Technology and Telecommunications”. From here you can start to understand why it is considered the most important fair in the world as regards the ICT sector or the scope of Information and Communication Technology. It does not cover a single market segment or a specific range of products, as happens for example for the Mobile World Congress (mainly focused on smartphones, tablets and the mobile universe) or Computex (focused on hardware innovations), but embraces innovation 360 degrees, in every facet and incarnation.

There are many issues touched: we move from the digital transformation in place at a global level to artificial intelligence with its countless applications, from the blockchain that has now extended its range far beyond the world of cryptocurrencies to all solutions related to the universe of robotics and automation, without forgetting the different uses of ever more advanced drones, cybersecurity and, more generally, data security in all its facets, virtual and augmented reality, everything that interests the lively world of startups and much more. These are some of the meetings scheduled for the 2018 edition.

  • Artificial intelligence: when a car will be smarter than humans ?
  • Augmented and virtual reality: the boundaries between the real and the unreal are confused
  • Blockchain: the chain that is about to change the world
  • Mobility of the future: smart mobility
  • Humanoid robots: the presentation of I-robots
  • Internet of Things: a connected world
  • Security: stay safe
  • Unmanned systems and drones: by land, sea or air
  • Workspace 4.0 and collaboration: a workspace that knows what the professional needs.
    • All of this is done in such a way as to give particular attention to the business and is divided into four macro-sections: d! Conomy (a focus on digital transformation), d! Tec (to highlight the evolution of the entrepreneurial spirit in the digital age), d! talk (a dense agenda of meetings) and campus (networking and interaction). There are obviously no shortage of events to the meeting sessions, conferences, workshops, presentations and moments of leisure. A rather precise description is provided by the video visible in streaming below.

      CEBIT is structured on an area that covers a total of 450,000 square meters and welcomes about 500,000 visitors from all over the world every year. A couple of curiosities: initially the event was identified with a shorter name, “Centrum der Büro- und Informationstechnik” and the building that housed it before WWII was a huge construction site for the construction of aircraft.

      The origins

      The first edition of CEBIT dates back to 1970, when it was not an independent event, but rather organized as a section inside the Hanover Fair. More precisely, it was located in Hall 1 (at the time the largest in the world) of what was then considered the most important event dedicated to the industry of the entire planet. It became increasingly important over time, also due to the rapid growth of the ICT sector, until in the ’80s it absorbed more and more resources, clearly removing them from the main event. It was decided to transform it into a separate exhibition starting in 1986.

      In the 90s the organizing committee chose to concentrate the event exclusively on solutions specifically addressed to professional users, reserving a separate event for everything related to consumer electronics, staged during the summer every two years, CEBIT Home. However, the initiative was not able to gather sufficient interest or to collect the hoped-for success, so in 2000 the project was canceled and definitively abandoned.

      How to participate

      CEBIT is staged at the Hannover Fairground (called in German Messegelände Hannover), in the Mittelfeld district of the city. It is the largest exhibition venue in the world, with an exhibition area covered by 450,000 square meters, to which are added 58,000 square meters of outdoor space, for a total of 27 pavilions.

      Insiders, exhibitors and staff members of the press can request accreditation in advance to participate in the event. All the others must instead turn to the pages of the official website to evaluate the purchase of tickets: referring to the 2018 edition, a ticket that allows access from 11 to 15 June is on sale at the price of 200.00 euros , while the daily one provides for a cost of 100.00 euros. Lower costs are charged for students (ages 16 and older) and participation in individual conferences. Whoever does not have budget problems can put his hand to the wallet and opt for the 2,400.00 euro Executive Ticket, so as to ensure access without any kind of limitation to all areas and comfort of the fair.


      There are obviously many partners who have chosen to support the organization of CEBIT, certain to obtain a return of image linked both to the massive on-site presence of the public and professionals, and considering the coverage offered by the media at a global level. Among the Premium Event Partners the main (also highlighted on the official site pages) are Huawei, IBM, Saleforce, SAP, Vodafone and Volkswagen, while among the Premium Media Partners are listed as Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung, Heise Online, T3N and Weka Fachmedien.

      What’s new

      Here the most important news announced during the 2018 edition of CEBIT will be reported and discussed on Webnews. Obviously you can follow the social profiles of the event, on Facebook and Twitter, to stay constantly updated on what happens in the halls of the Hannover fair.

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