Feb 13, 2019

CES 2019: Oledcomm launches LiFiMAX, a ceiling light offering an internet connection by light

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After the worldwide success of MyLiFi , the first consumer LiFi lamp, Oledcomm launches LiFiMAX, the first ceiling lamp offering an internet connection by light to 16 simultaneous users, on 28m². Available in September 2019 and designed for businesses, LiFiMAX offers a wireless connection, ultra secure and ultra fast.

The LiFiMAX transmitter is the most powerful in the world. It covers a maximum area of ​​28m² and allows 16 users with dongles to simultaneously connect to the internet and enjoy an ultra-secure and ultra-fast connection, offering a speed of 100 Mbps downstream and 40 Mbps in flow amount. As discreet as a smoke detector, LiFiMAX simply attaches to the (false) ceiling of a meeting room or co-working space and plugs into an Ethernet socket.

As a reminder, the LiFi (Light Fidelity) technology allows devices to connect to each other using LED lights. The LiFi transmits the data by modulating the light signals from an LED bulb, process invisible to the naked eye. The light signals are received and converted into data by a dongle connected to the device.

LiFiMAX will be available at less than $ 1,000 , for delivery at the end of the year (September 2019). The product will be delivered with accessories allowing installation in false ceilings (like recessed lighting spotlights) or as a ceiling lamp (like smoke detectors).

LiFiMax technical specifications

Diameter: 11 cm
Thickness: 2,5cm
A coverage area of ​​20 to 28m2
16 simultaneous users
POE Ethernet connection

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