Nov 8, 2020
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Concept Ori and Duet: Dell wants to put screens (and glitter) in your lives

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The CES is a golden opportunity to take the temperature of the public as specialists on technologies under development. Dell is not deprived of it, by presenting two prototypes of laptops.

The first, named “Ori”, is a 13.3-inch PC, which has the particularity of presenting a single screen over its entire surface on the user side. The screen in question being obviously foldable, the device can be used as a classic laptop PC, with an upper part which will serve as the main display, and a lower part which will turn into a virtual keyboard. We can also deploy it completely to make a tablet, or orient it at 90 ° to consult it like a book. Concept requires, the manufacturer has given no precise information on the embedded components, or the operating system installed.

Second product in demonstration, a little less disruptive: the Duet, which presents itself as a 13.3-inch laptop PC with two large screens, quite distinct this time. The principles of use are quite similar to those advanced for the Ori, except that Dell has also provided a physical wireless keyboard, which would stick magnetically on one of the two screens, so that the user finds his usual sensations. Here again, the manufacturer did not let any particular technical specifications filter out.

Obviously, these are two technical embodiments of the same concept. It remains to be seen whether one of them will reach a commercialization phase.

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