Jul 30, 2019
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Electric cars will make noise from July 1st

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The electric cars are synonymous with sustainable mobility in terms of environmental impact but also of great refinement. But in the city, soon, even these cars will make noise, although certainly not as much as cars with a thermal engine. In fact, from the first of July, all the new models of electric and hybrid cars sold in the European Union will have to emit a sort of low speed recognition hiss.

This choice, more than understandable, is due to the desire to allow pedestrians to notice the arrival of electric cars at low speed, perhaps immersed in the chaos of urban noise, they are almost completely imperceptible to hearing. Cars must therefore be equipped with an AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System) device that will emit this artificial sound below 20 km / h. This limit has been chosen because, below, the car moves almost in absolute silence and not even the rolling of the tires generates enough noise to be perceived.

The choice to equip even the hybrid cars of this device stems from the fact that at these speeds they often move in electric only mode in absolute silence.

This regulation will also apply to the models already on the market but only in 2021. An important safety solution even if it must be said that what really makes the difference is the attention that is paid to the road, both when driving and when you walk the streets and sidewalks on foot.

A similar choice has already been made also in America where the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has imposed a similar acoustic device since last September 1st.

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