Apr 3, 2020
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Eve Room review, air quality monitor with HomeKit and Siri

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Hello friends of Gadgetland.it, today we try a gadget that we met at IFA 2019 last September, which promises to make our homes more and more smart and connected. It is Eve Room , an air quality meter produced by Eve , and below you will find its review after a long period of use.

This gadget allows us to measure temperature, humidity and air quality inside our home environment.
One of the main features of the product, which is worth highlighting immediately, is full compatibility with Apple’s HomeKit , a feature that allows you to distinguish and elevate Eve Room compared to other competitors on the market.

We point out that Eve, in addition to the air quality meter, produces a whole series of accessories (always HomeKit compatible) dedicated to various aspects of home automation, from heating, to controlled outlets, to security. We all received them together at Eve Room and will try them soon.

But let’s not waste time and see immediately how Eve Room works.

The product design is very nice and clean, it will surely make a great impression in your home. The appearance clearly winks at Apple, therefore minimal design with anodized aluminum frame on a black background.

The 200 × 200 pixel e-ink display allows you to view information clearly and concisely, making it clearly visible even from a distance. The user can choose between four different ways of displaying the information, selectable by acting on the two arrows positioned respectively on the left and right side of the panel.
The only small flaw in the product design is perhaps represented by the back, which has not been given the same care and refinement adopted for the front. Certainly this can be considered a minor defect, since once positioned Eve Room the back remains hidden from our eyes.

HOW DOES IT WORK? After seeing how it looks, here is the Eve Room review
The product configuration is truly trivial and can be completed by everyone in a few moments, both through the Eve app and using Apple HomeKit. Although the product is perfectly usable even without a smartphone, it is through the dedicated application that you can fully explore all the features.

In particular, the possibility of accessing the history of temperature, humidity and air quality is very interesting , thus being able to observe the oscillations detected inside the room even over the long term.

Through the Eve app you can consult the data history, being able to understand for example in which circumstances the air quality in our room worsens significantly .

Eve Room manages to reconstruct the oscillations in the measured parameters very well. Here, for example, I turned on the stove for a couple of hours.

The Eve Room app
The application records approximately 145 measurements per day . The app has a very user-friendly and easy to understand interface. I appreciated the fact of being able to observe the ppb present in the room, which unfortunately is not possible from the display.
It is not clear whether the calculation is done from the smartphone or directly from Eve Room. In the latter case it would be a pity not to be able to view it directly.

What about the battery integrated lithium-Ionian? After taking it out of the box I loaded it completely and put it on the shelf. After more than four weeks of use, the battery has not yet discharged and indeed, from the application I can see how it is about 45% charged .
Obviously the exchange of data with the app and the switching of the display mode on the e-ink display have a great influence on the duration, which I, once I decided the layout I liked best, I never changed.

Obviously, compatibility with HomeKit also provides the ability to remotely check parameters when we are away from home. In my case this function is redundant, as I already have a smart thermostat, but for some users it can be useful for example to quantify the difference in temperature between one room and another.

Is Eve Room an indispensable gadget ? No it is not.

Is Eve Room a useful gadget with a nice and fanciful design? Absolutely yes.

Proposed at a price of about 99 € on the manufacturer’s website (as well as on Amazon and Apple Store ) it is certainly not cheap, but it is one of those whims that we like every song to take off to make our home a little smarter and cutting edge.

If this is what you are looking for, Eve Room is for you as it is a valid product, well assembled, pleasing to the eye and with a software that is definitely up to par .

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