Feb 1, 2020
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FIFA 18: 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

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The most important football competition is getting ready to officially start on June 14th, in Russia, but the players will not have to wait until the kick-off of the World Cup in order to live their own personal experience. The new free expansion of FIFA 18 for FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 is already available thanks to an update on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, which adds a new game mode with many contents based on the world competition.

The entire presentation in this game mode replicates the official visual style for the event, including menus and the interface, ensuring a very specific flavor to this mode, but EA Sports went even further. All nations were entitled to updated kits, national anthems (or at least some of them) and licensed players. At the moment the roles are not yet official, but we believe that EA will change them before the tournament itself begins.

Another point in favor of the presentation is the public, which has been redesigned in a specific way for each country. Each crowd sports their nation’s shirt and color on the face, but also specific accessories, including flags, banners and even hats: Denmark has hats inspired by the Vikings, while Brazil has straw hats and wigs, for example. All this helps to create an excellent atmosphere during the games, enriched by specific songs for each country and even by special behaviors depending on the opponent. Spanish supporters have whistled for Cristiano Ronaldo’s shots during the Portugal-Spain match, for example. Furthermore, all 12 official stadiums have been meticulously constructed.

Moreover, what enriches the experience even more is the comment. The two commentators share different stories and curiosities about the World Cup and also make specific comments for each nation and even the matches, comparing Cristiano Ronaldo with Eus├ębio, if for example you are playing with Portugal, during the match Spain and Portugal

Our only disappointment regarding the presentation is the lack of coaches faithfully recreated to the originals, as they simply appear as the standard FIFA 18 coaches. Besides this little disappointment, we must also mention some inconsistencies in the audience, such as fans who they wear the shirt of one country and the facial paint of another.

In 2018 FIFA World Cup it is possible to participate in different game modes. There is the official tournament, which is a replica of the event itself with the 32 official nations in the respective groups, and a custom mode, in which you can create new groups with all the nations in the game – a feature that will be particularly interesting for us poor Italian players. We would have liked the opportunity to play the qualifying round for the World Cup, but unfortunately it is not present in the expansion.

In addition to these modes, you can participate in online games and even a specific version of Ultimate Team Mode. This version of FUT includes the players of the 32 teams that will participate in the World Cup, along with several iconic players in the history of the competition. Here it is necessary to consider a new chemistry system, which instead of operating through clubs and leagues, considers nations and co-federations. You can then participate in different tournaments, in FUT Draft, and try to respond to specific challenges, just like in the standard FUT. A special bonus for this version is that when you buy a FUT World Cup package you will also get an equivalent package for the traditional FUT.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is not as good as a product created from scratch, but comes close to it. It’s so nice, in fact, that we believe that EA Sports even has the right to ask for money in return, but being a free expansion, it’s just great. If you are thinking of buying FIFA 18 just to play World Cup, the whole price may be a bit ‘too much, but if you find the game at a reduced price, it’s worth it – and in the meantime you’ll also have one of the best sims soccer never created.

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