Nov 6, 2018
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Fresh ‘N Rebel RockBox Brick XL | Speaker from Party!

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Today we have the pleasure to review a couple of speakers that we like to define … “party”! Let’s talk about the Fresn ‘N Rebel RockBox Brick XL , a giant Giga version of the classic Brick. We received them in the indigo blue and army green colors and … wait a minute. But … why did they send us TWO? Because … they love each other and they can be coupled!

We had already seen some bluetooth speakers to match, but all reproduced the same sound on all the speakers. These of Fresh ‘N Rebel instead divide the sound in the left and right channels creating a true stereo effect .


The cardboard package with its illustrations on the back already makes us understand that the product can be combined with a little brother. Let’s see in this gallery what it looks like and its contents:

– Well packaged speaker in a transparent plastic case
– USB cable – microUSB for charging
– AUX cable
– A small user manual

Unfortunately, the USB power supply is still missing, but now I have lost hope, no one includes them anymore …


The first impression raising the speaker is that of strength , in fact, its main construction material that we touch is the fabric , a classic of the company also used for all their other speakers, and gives elegance and diversification from the rest of the market.

A further habit, also a constructive sign of Fresh ‘N Rebel, is the small side hook in real leather , with central aluminum pin.

Later we find a lot: 4 LEDs to measure the battery charge, the ON-OFF switch, the button for the Bluetooth connection, the micro-USB port for charging, a USB female port, an AUX input and an audio output from 3.5mm.

Two things hit me, and they are two additional features that not all speakers have.
The first: USB female. We can use the Brick XL as a powerbank to charge our smartphone! The battery is well 5000 mAh, notable.
The second: audio output. We can turn an old stereo system into bluetooth using the Brick XL connection but listening to music on our home system, connecting them via a 3.5mm to RCA cable.

Both functions increase the value of the product and make it even more “multi-purpose”

At the top we find 5 touch keys to control the various functions of the speaker, which at night reserve us a pleasant surprise: they are backlit !

Everything seems taken care of in the details and if the first impression always counts … then I am satisfied.


They weigh almost 900 grams … We turn them on and pair our iPhone, following a simple procedure on a piece of paper inside the package.

Double Fun Mode gives its fruits. 20W of power on each speaker, multiplied by two .
I tested this mode on my last business trip, bringing the Bricks XL to the hotel.
I placed them in the two bedside tables at the side of the bed, in a situation as shown below:

… and also in a situation as shown below instead:

In the first solution, or “incavandoli” in the niche of the bedside table, the sound was very warm but rather muffled; vice versa in the second solution, it was more free and three-dimensional.
Since it is not a 360 ° speaker, the way in which the speaker is tilted plays a fundamental role in the resulting stereophonic effect .

After several tests, I found that the best feeling I had was turning the speakers slightly towards the middle of the room, “conveying” the audio to the listener.

“The sound is well balanced and with two speakers filled more than enough a medium-sized room. It is a product that gives a nod to young people and makes style one of its strengths.
By raising the volume over 90% we begin to hear some distortion, and I assure you that up to 75/80% I have not perceived any artifice or various grachios.
The low tones are powerful enough but never too incisive; the trebles above 15,000 Hz are not played, just as I expected from a speaker in this price range. ”


The purchase price is 99 €, and it seems to me in line with the services offered and the two extra features I mentioned above.

Currently you can buy it in major electronic chains or on Amazon.

Score a GADGET-SCORE score of 4.5 out of 5 stars, more than deserved!

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