Sep 27, 2020
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Google Assistant: the future passes from startups

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The Mountain View group is increasingly focusing on its virtual assistant: funding for startups that make the most of their potential.

The Google Assistant’s debut is recent, but the technology has already shown that it can extend its range far beyond the confines of the mobile universe, for example, entering the home with the solutions dedicated to smart homes and climbing into car to facilitate interaction through voice commands of those who are driving. The Mountain View group has every intention of continuing to grow it.

His future is linked to the debut of new projects able to exploit and exploit its potential. For this reason bigG announces a series of investments aimed at supporting the startup activities that place their focus on the development of artificial intelligence. A proper clarification: this article does not mention the economic commitment linked to Gradient Ventures, an initiative put in place last year in order to support (economically and not only) the new realities active in the world of AI, but a program unpublished that will focus the attention exclusively on those who will take care of the Google Assistant Actions and dedicated hardware.

We are welcoming teams working in various fields, including startups working on developing technologies that extend the Assistant’s capabilities or building new devices for digital assistants, with a particular focus on segments like travel, games and hospitality.

At the moment there are four startups that already benefit from the support of the Mountain View group: GoMoment (authors of Ivy, digital assistant active 24/7 to welcome customers in the hotel), Edwin (the developer of a personal tutor useful to learn the English), BotSociety (the team has developed a tool dedicated to the development of interfaces for interaction via voice commands) and Pulse Labs (helps developers to gather feedback from users about the use of the voice to interact with the app).

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