Dec 10, 2019
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Google Play Pass: games, price and other details

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Google Play Pass is a monthly subscription service launched in the past few hours (currently only in the US), which allows users to access a library of games and apps on the Play Store. A sort of “Google Netflix”, many define it.

The service costs $ 4.99 and includes over 350 apps and games, including Monument Valley 2, Stardew Valley, Terraria, Titan Quest HD, Door Kickers, Evoland, Thimbleweed Park, .projekt, Pocket City, Mini Metro, Agent A and many others. But the company wants the go beyond, so it also includes fitness apps, photo editing, weather, etc. Austin Shoemaker , Group Product Manager at Google Play, said:

Games are extremely important to us, but let’s go further. The service is not only aimed at hardcore gamers.

Google Play Pass probably debuted to compete with Apple Arcade , a similar service offered by the iPhone manufacturer that was launched last week and costs $ 4.99 the same way. Apple’s offer, however, focuses exclusively on games and has a smaller library (around 100 titles in total). According to Shoemaker, the company does not think that the new service is simply a competitor to Apple Arcade and considers it “much broader”.

The launch of Google Play Pass arrives as the company prepares to enter the video game market with arrogance: in November, the search giant will launch its Stadia platform , which allows people to stream games from the cloud rather than play them on a physical console. According to some developers, the platform technology offers many possibilities and there are those who consider it even more interesting than PS5 .

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