Jan 10, 2019
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Honor View 20 presented today in China, by us at the end of January

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Even in the week of Christmas, technological innovations come from the Asian market, today in particular with a telephone that raises the next catchphrase: the little hole in the display.

Honor View 20 presented today in China, by us at the end of January
On a rather anomalous date, the new Honor View 20 smartphone was introduced in China today , introducing some significant new features for Huawei ‘s sister brand .

The previous model, to be honest, has left no particular trace in our memories, in my opinion because it sinned a bit ‘of originality.

It had virtually identical forms to those of many other devices on the market, with no major differences that could act as a magnet for users.

Honor View 20, the technical sheet

DISPLAY: 6.24 inches, ratio 19.25: 9
PROCESSOR : Huawei Kirin 980
RAM : 6GB / 8GB
INTERNAL MEMORY : 128 gb or 256 gb
REAR CAMERA : 48 mpx, 78 ° angle, F / 1.8 with TOF (Time of Light) 3D sensor
BATTERY : 4,000 mAh, 4.5V super charge
IP CERTIFICATION : not available

The hole with the display around

Among the features of the new smartphone Honor View 20 obviously stands the front little hole in the display, what we will see often in the future and that will be one of the torment of 2019.

But in this case there is a detail to underline, that is, its size, because while the recent Samsung Galaxy A8s has a hole of 6.7 mm, in this case we speak of an opening of 4.5 mm, it seems little but makes a nice difference.

From what is known, the technique with which the camera is allocated at that point differs from that of Samsung and is considered better for the overall strength of the screen.

The position of the hole is not accidental, because it is the result of intense research among Honor users, who expressed a clear preference for the top left position.

The rear camera has 3D capabilities

In the new Honor View 20 there are twelve photo sensors, but a combination that probably paves the way for a new trend in the smartphone segment. The main sensor is combined with a second element that combined with the processing power of the Kirin 980 processor allows to detect 3D models of the objects being photographed.

The same sensor used for 3D models is also useful for better “portrait” effects with a much more accurate depth calculation.

The phone with intelligent cooling

Huawei / Honor are now looking for new solutions that take full advantage of the power of the Kirin 980 processor and among these is the “AI Smart Cooling” a system to cool the phone by providing the contexts in which it could overheat.

Using the applications that you install, the phone will learn which have an obvious impact on the use of the processor and activate a “preventive” cooling when you come back to use them.

There is also a system of antennas enhanced for wifi, in order to have better reception.

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