Feb 29, 2020
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InSilicoTrials revolutionizes healthcare

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InSilicoTrials offers companies an innovative web platform to accelerate the research and development processes in the healthcare sector.

InSilicoTrials is an SME that aims to revolution the healthcare sector. Normally, in fact, developing a new drug or a medical device can take a long time and above all very heavy investments. But thanks to this SME, there is an alternative way. InSilicoTrials, in fact, offers a web platform through which companies can accelerate their research and development, thanks to models and simulations realized with innovative technologies developed by expert researchers.

Ultimately, InSilicoTrials offers a service that reduces research and development times by up to 50% with obvious savings also from an economic point of view. Entering more specifically the offer of this innovative SME, the platform that makes available to its customers allows to perform “in silico” tests. Basically, structural-chemical-biological phenomena are reproduced through a mathematical computer simulation. This is also a quick and much less risky process for people taking part in the tests. Through this platform, companies can access databases, algorithms and models to simulate clinical trials for their drugs and medical devices.

Simulations can be used to test devices such as stents, heart valves, orthopedic implants or new oncology drugs, for pain therapy, for cardiovascular, respiratory or neurodegenerative diseases and for rare diseases. This innovative project stems from the idea of ​​wanting to create a bridge between those who exploit models and companies. For the healthcare sector, in fact, there was no platform that would make models available as it does for the automotive sector, for example.

InSilicoTrials has also conducted an equity crowdfunding campaign through CrowdFundMe to support its business. The 150 thousand euro target was reached in a short time and today the company has already raised 240 thousand euro.

Thanks to these loans, the PMI aims to strengthen its platform. In this regard, the company has already designed several investment plans depending on how much it will succeed in obtaining from the equity crowdfunding campaign.

Among the company’s main technology partners, Microsoft. In 2018, in order to focus on the market linked to 3D printed medical devices, InSilicoTrials acquired 100% of Conself.com. InSilicoTrials’ high-innovation activity has attracted the attention of the US drug agency, with which it has signed a collaboration agreement in 2017, for a duration of 5 years, for the development of resonance safety simulations magnetic of implantable devices. InSilicoTrials also collaborates with the European agency of the drug Ema in the field of security in the Cloud.

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