Jun 24, 2019
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iPad Mini 5: Apple put Air in its Mini 4

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The iPad Mini, the fifth of the name, was expected by fans of small tablets. Apple will have taken more than 3 years to give a successor to the iPad Mini 4 and we can not say that the American manufacturer has sprained a lot. As confirmed by iFixit, a specialist in dismantling and repairing electronic devices , the evolutions are minor.

The iPad Mini 5 borrows parts from its cousins ​​from other ranges of Apple tablets, while maintaining a base very similar to that of the iPad Mini 4. The dimensions of the latest-born Mini family are exactly the same as that of the Mini 4. Damage for those who hoped for a transition to a format similar to that of the latest iPad Pro. All this contains exactly the same battery of 5 124 mAh. No evolution either on the side of the dorsal photo module, this is again the same as the one used 3 years earlier. On the other hand, at the front, the iPad Mini 5 has drawn in the Pro range to recover a 7 Mpx sensor, surmounted by optics opening at f / 2.2.
The iPad Mini 5 on the left, the Mini 4 on the right. © iFixit

A tablet still difficult to repair

Another new innovation, the presence of a chip A12 Bionic, used on the iPhone Xs , Xs Max and Xr . Here, it is supported only by 3 GB of RAM, against 4 on an iPhone Xs. Two new brightness sensors are emerging, using Apple’s True Tone technology, which adjusts the color temperature and brightness of the display to match ambient lighting.

Nothing new for this iPad Mini 5. iFixit also regrets that the tablet Apple does not show progress in terms of repairability. The latest iPad Mini is rated mediocre 2/10 on this point. Experts in disassembly and repair also point out that the home button is very complicated to manage, even for a simple screen replacement.

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