Aug 9, 2019
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iPad Pro 2018 curved: Apple’s new answer

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A few days ago, Apple confirmed that some copies of its iPad Pro 2018 could present a very slight curvature out of box, evading the possibility of an accentuation of the phenomenon in time. However, many are the owners of one of these tablets to notice a more pronounced curvature of its chassis after a few weeks of use, even more in the case of repeated transport backpack. A point of fragility more and more documented on the Internet, forcing Apple to respond again to its disgruntled customers.

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Apple’s vice president of hardware engineering, Dan Riccio has answered several emails about the Apple Pro 2018 with the same statement, authenticated and published by MacRumors . According to him, the iPad Pro 2018 “equal or surpass the highest standards of design and production of Apple . We have designed them with great care and all aspects of the manufacturing process have been the subject of extensive measurement and control , “he adds while the first elements of Apple’s response evoked a slight curvature appearing during cooling the chassis of the tablet after machining.

A flatness standard respected
We thus learn from Dan Riccio’s message that Apple uses a “flatness standard” internally that does not allow any variation greater than 400 μm on the total size of the iPad Pro 2018 chassis. A difference of 400 μm represents less than half a millimeter and this threshold of tolerance would have even been lowered compared to that of previous generations of iPad. “This level of flatness will not change in normal use throughout the life of the product,” he says , adding that these slight variations do not affect the operation of the product.Without this being an argument used by Apple, the fact that the angles of the new iPad Pro are sharper could explain the fact that this curvature, even minimal, is more visible.

Not sure that these new statements reassure (or calm) many customers to find abnormal that products claiming high-end may have such “defects” out of box. Especially since they do not respond to those who see the curvature of their iPad Pro increase in time and in conditions of use they present as “normal”. For the time being, we’re staying here and it’s still too early to talk about bendgate as at the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Much less iPad Pro have so far been sold than iPhone 6/6 Plus on their way out: a parameter to take into account in the level of discomfort observed among customers of the firm to the apple.

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