Feb 25, 2020
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iSmart Alarm: economic video surveillance

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iSmartAlarm is a good compromise for those looking for a home video surveillance system at low cost and with the possibility of remote control.

Economical, easy to install and expand with additional modules: iSmartAlarm is the new surveillance system dedicated to all those users who need a way to keep their home under control without resorting to complex installations, managing the whole configuration procedure by themselves in a few steps.

By purchasing the Starter Pack you have everything you need to monitor unwanted access at home. In the box we find CubeOne, a cube that is the brain of the alarm system. Just connect it with an ethernet cable to your home modem router and to a power outlet to start home monitoring. In addition to the CubeOne the Starter Pack includes 1 contact sensor, to be installed on a door or a window to detect any opening, 1 motion sensor and 1 remote control to activate or deactivate the alarm.

As mentioned, additional modules can be purchased, in order to control all the home, including security cameras. The iSmartAlarm proposal for video control is called Spot + and is a small IP Camera (rebrand of a Xiaomi model) with very small dimensions (5x5x5.6 cm) but with a fairly wide field of view of 180 degrees, two-way audio and infrared LEDs for night vision. The security camera, in addition to being very compact, can be connected to the current or to a PowerBank, thus allowing it to work even in places where there are no wall sockets. It is also equipped with a magnet on the base, which allows it to be placed even in difficult areas, without having to make holes in the wall, simply by having an iron surface (for example the frame of an armored door) to allow it to attack.

ISmartAlarm installation and use

The installation is the real strength of this system, in a few minutes you can connect the CubeOne and sensors, without the need to pierce walls, in fact there are 3M stickers in the package that allow you to attach them anywhere firmly. The alarm and notification system can be configured completely from smartphones, be it Android or iOS. In our test we installed the iSmartAlarm app on Android, we created an account and thanks to a wizard completely configured the alarm system that easily detected the sensors and the Spot + camera.

The app is well done and offers a very simple management of the alarm system, giving access to the notifications of each device connected to the CubeOne and allowing the switch to various modes: Activate, Deactivate, Home (when we are at home and we do not want to disable alarms), Panic (once activated triggers a constant alarm sound at home).

Pros and Cons

The cost of just € 130 for the Starter Pack (on offer at Amazon at € 132), is certainly one of the best qualities of this system. Alarm systems that are so complete and inexpensive are difficult to find. Another advantage of this product is the expandability with additional modules, all however sold at decidedly cheap prices. The accuracy of the alarms is also fair, even if on Android notifications are always received in real time, forcing us to check every now and then the presence of new alerts via dedicated app.

Among the defects of this system we can count the app on Android, not always in fact has the reactivity that would be expected. Often, especially in startup, it takes a little while to open and must be restarted to access the monitored devices. The performance of the app is then better when you are on the WiFi network, much worse when trying to access the monitoring system from the cellular network. But the update of both the app and the firmware of the devices is frequent so we are sure that there will certainly be some improvements on the software side for this system.

Another flaw is the inability to be able to have even alerts via SMS, a feature that would have guaranteed iSmartAlarm to be able to beat even with more noble systems.


iSmartAlarm is undoubtedly an excellent choice for those looking for the right balance between quality and price. Excellent simplicity of installation and use, too bad there is a lag too much with the app that sometimes has difficulty connecting via cellular network.

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