Jun 10, 2020
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Lab – Is the new screen of the Apple iPad 2019 (Gen 7) as good as the old one?

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The new iteration of Apple’s iPad has taken growth hormones to look like the newest iPad Air. However, as we relate at the time of its announcement, this model suitable for education makes some concessions on its technical sheet. In addition to the processor which is starting to date, it is at the level of the screen, but also of the Touch ID, that we observe a return back. It is on this first point that we will focus. So, does the supposed loss of certification of the sRGB color space tarnish the quality of the screen of this new iPad 2019?

Almost the same slab

It is “funny” on the part of Apple to go back on certain points, knowing that this new iPad “entry level” is a little more expensive than that released in 2018. The new screen has certainly gained in size, going from 9.7 inches to 10.2 inches, it would have mostly lost its support of the sRGB color space that was present on the iPad 6.

After this loss, we thought that the display would therefore be of lower quality than in the past. And it is clear that this is not entirely the case. Better, Apple succeeds in proposing on its display a quality which sticks to what we had previously noted on the old model.

We have subjected the two tablets to a specific test allowing us to note the color range on which the screens of the devices “stick”. We found that they were both very close, with a difference of just 1%. This means that the iPad 6 and the iPad 7 have a very good screen considering their price. However, the iPad Air using the P3 color space, we would have liked Apple to also benefit from its new entry-level tablet, failing to stagnate in sRGB.

Delta E is a bit higher with a value raised to 2 instead of 1.5, but overall, no color really picks up at an extreme value. The red and green tones blithely exceed a delta E of 3, but this was already the case on the old iPad. Nothing too alarming, however, since only an expert eye could notice it. And as this iPad will mainly be used by schoolchildren, we doubt that they can judge the color quality of a tile.

In terms of color temperature, we reach 6,838 K on this new version of the iPad. On the previous one, the value recorded was 6,824 K. Again, no major upheaval to note, just like on the contrast ratio which increases without this being significant.

Finally, this new screen is not so different from the previous model. Apple has managed to offer an equally qualitative panel on its seventh generation and this is an excellent thing. It remains to be seen whether the results on Touch ID technology will be as convincing. But that will be for another laboratory paper…

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