Apr 15, 2020
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Lab – The screen of the Crosscall Core-T4 tablet subject to reflections

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For the first time in its history, Crosscall is entering a market other than that of smartphones. With its Core-T4, the company offers a tablet presented as ultra-resistant and meeting all the needs for businesses. But by strongly emphasizing the robustness of its product, has the brand abandoned the rest? This is what we will see today with this lab paper dedicated to the readability of its screen.

Crosscall: with its Core-T4, the company joins the tablet market
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Crosscall: with its Core-T4, the company joins the tablet market
The Crosscall brand presented on February 5 its new range of foolproof smartphones. On the program: three mobiles but also one …

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Small screen, large tablet
With its 8-inch screen, the Core-T4 is one of the tablets with the smallest screen on the market. Contrary to what we are starting to observe, the panel is not really borderless . There are large borders all over the surface, which means that the display occupies only 66% of the front. It is quite weak. By favoring the hardness of its product, Crosscall also makes a concession on the definition, since it is only 1280 x 800 pixels (180 ppi).

Still on the aspect of solidity, the company from the South of France has well protected its slab. The latter is reinforced by a layer of Gorilla Glass 3 1.1 mm thick. It is almost twice the standard thickness that is generally found on smartphones. This type of protection, although reassuring for users, has an impact on the capacities that the panel can offer.

It starts with the reflectance for which we have measured a rate of 53%. Suffice to say that there will be reflections, whether the tablet is on or off. Even if the maximum brightness points to 440 cd / m², there is a good chance that you will be able to see your reflection on the display. Note that this value is still close to excellence. Above all, it is not so far from what the manufacturer announces (450 cd / m²). In terms of minimum brightness, the tablet is also doing very well. With a value raised to 1.05 cd / m², you will not be dazzled by the luminous brightness of the slab. On the other hand, on the flip side, you will see your face as well as what is written on the display.

Like looking in a tinted mirror.
Like looking in a tinted mirror.

In the end, the Core-T4 panel does not offer the best readability there is. If its screen can be very bright, the management of reflections is not optimal. The fault with a far too thick Gorilla Glass protection. Off or in low light, the tablet can serve as an auxiliary mirror and we doubt that it was designed as such.

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