Dec 6, 2018
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Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes, has almost a year but does not show it

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The review Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes is easy to do, because this device is beautiful, powerful and offers everything you can expect from a product born to work, with some important design concession, with the only fault of not having great graphics power, for the choice of using an integrated card, instead of a dedicated one.

This is not a particularly recent innovation, because we are talking about a notebook presented several months ago, but it remains one of the most interesting alternatives on the market for those looking for a 2-in-1 solution, with a well-designed design and a good set of connection ports.

Not only that, because the version I’m trying Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes has a special touch more: the cover was made in collaboration with IED. Louis Aymonod won a competition thanks to which he was chosen to sign the special edition that was presented at IFA 2017.

It ‘s been almost a year, usually I do not try “seasoned” products, but this Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes still has space in the current market.

in what has improved, how much it costs

Lenovo Yoga 920 is the successor of the lucky Yoga 910, compared to which it has a better battery, a more powerful webcam and a more sensitive keyboard. It was presented in 3 models, with i5 processor, 8 GB of ram and 512 GB SSD disk at about 1200 euros, or with i7, 16 GB of ram and SSD from 512 to about 1,500 euros, finally with i7, 16 GB of RAM and disk from a tera at a price of about 1,900 euros.

The price is aligned with the best 2 in 1, but it should be emphasized that none of the available versions has a dedicated graphics card, because Lenovo has chosen the solution of an integrated card, which certainly works well, but is not at the same level as ( for example) offers Microsoft Surface Book 2.


Lenovo Yoga 920 has a weight of 1.37 kg, with dimensions of 323 x 223.5 x 13.95 mm. Obviously, the key element of the design lies in the graphic solution adopted to “embellish” the shell of the device, which as we have already underlined was realized together with IED,

Beautiful theme with a stylized wave that immediately conveys the feeling of having a valuable object for the hands, which is also nice to see. The cover is protected by Gorilla Glass to add resistance to daily stresses.

Equally taken care of, even if it may not please everyone, the hinge that connects the display to the main body, a detail that recalls the solution that Microsoft has chosen for the Surface Book.

There is no doubt about solidity, even if I would be curious to try the estate in the long run. The beauty of this solution is that the display positions are practically infinite and you can also do contortion with your Yoga.

On one side are the power button and a traditional USB socket.

On the opposite side you can instead use two USB Type-C sockets, unfortunate that there is not even a slot for reading external cards, which I always find very useful, but they like very little to producers.

You will also have noticed the headset and microphone connector, which can be useful for Skype conversations or for gaming, of course you can also choose to use bluetooth for this type of use.

the keyboard

Comfortable, with a soft and easy to use stroke even for long writing. does not come to the lightness of a butterfly keyboard from Apple, but we are still in front of one of the best solutions on the market, with adequate space between the keys.

Obviously it is backlit. I say obviously, because it could not be otherwise for a product that is positioned at more than 1,000 euros.

The keyboard has all the buttons you need and has a good distance from the edges of the computer, even the position of the hands is always natural.

Convenient availability of the fingerprint sensor, as well as spacious is the touchpad that is sensitive to touch and supports gestures.

the performance

There is little to say about the ability of Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes to do whatever you ask. The engine is built around an eighth generation Intel Core I7 processor, with 8, 12 or 16 GB of ram and leans on a solid state disk that varies from 256 GB to 1 Tera depending on the product versions. As anticipated, Yoga 920 uses an integrated graphics card and this is perhaps one of the few weaknesses.

Inside Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes there is also a webcam capable of capturing images with HD definition at 720 pixels.

The audio is delivered to stereo speakers with support for the Dolby Atmos standard, with good sound definition, but do not expect a competition sound.

The battery has a declared duration of 10.8 hours: I did not count the minutes but I did a day of work without major stress, so I can estimate that the real duration oscillates between 9 and 10 hours.

there is also the smart pen

Inside the packaging of the Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes there is also the smart pen, especially useful if you work in the field of graphics, but remember that this Yoga is a 2 in 1, so you can “flip it” to use it as a tablet to take notes and while using the pen the system will recognize the palm of the hand that will not interfere with writing or drawing.

It will not be useful for everyone but it is good to know that it is included in the sales package

the display

The screen of Yoga 920 is a strong point: 13.9 inches with 4K definition, the vertical frames are almost non-existent, there are only 5 mm thick, thanks to the movement of some components. As we are talking about a “2 in 1” product, there is the advantage of having a touchscreen. The screen has IPS standards and a definition of 3840 x 2160 pixels, with a more than good brightness and excellent readability even with strong light.

There is also the advantage that like all 2 in 1 even Yoga 920 has the touchscreen, which for me remains the smartest proposal on a computer, especially when they are used to abuse them on tablets and smartphones.


A beautiful, powerful, high-performance product, which even if a little time has passed since the launch remains an excellent alternative, especially in its simplest version, the one that is offered at just over 1,200 euros and can be easily found online.

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