Jun 14, 2019
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Mishiko Dog GPS Tracker: let’s locate Fido and keep it healthy

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“Locate your dog in real time and monitor his physical activity with an artificial intelligence algorithm , ” reads the web page of the Mishiko Dog GPS Tracker & Fitness Planner .
I was intrigued by this device, given our growing interest in animal gadgets. ( Here the review of the surveillance camera with Furbo sprinklers and here the review of the Petcube sprinkler surveillance camera ).
So I received this sophisticated mega collar for € 119.

The version with a world-wide lifetime subscription , the most expensive one, has reached us in the editorial office ; however, two other versions are available with a lower entry price, but with a monthly or annual subscription:

About 56 € for the device and one month of localization service included, then about 5 € a month.

About 90 € for the device and one year of localization service included, then around 40 € per year.

Packaging and equipment

We received the white version of the collar, which if desired is also available in black; white is better camouflaged between the fur of our Cookie, a beautiful Maremma shepherd!

Inside the package we find the device already attached to its collar, a universal adapter for all collars, a practical induction charger and the micro USB cable, plus a small instruction manual.

At first glance, the Mishiko looks really sturdy and well built , and thanks to the induction recharge it is completely watertight, allowing our dog to be able to bathe (up to a meter deep for 30 minutes) or to be used under the rain without any worries: a nice advantage!

It weighs only 40 grams, is made of aluminum and soft touch plastic, is IP67 certified and has several connections: 2G / 3G, GPS and finally Bluetooth / BLE.

Here is the Mishiko GPS Tracker on Cookie, our “tester” dog!

Below, instead, the practical induction charger; recharging is addictive : several white LEDs appear on the perimeter of the Mishiko, as soon as the circle is complete the recharge is completed, in these 2 weeks of testing it never took more than 3 hours.

The app, fundamental

Yes, because without the relevant application to install on our smartphone, the Mishiko is practically unusable. Let’s see how pairing works.

After the first charge (the collar arrives unloaded and its autonomy declared and tested by us is on average 3 days) we are ready with the pairing.

The system provides 3-step operation:

7 day learning : to calculate the physical activity of our friend, we must not remove the collar from the neck;
diagnostics and recommendations: we insert all the data of our Cookie such as weight, height, type of food and average quantity of rations;
28-day monitoring to align the artificial intelligence algorithm with the dog’s habits in physical exercise.

The walk”

The ” start walk ” function is what consumes the most battery in the device, as the sensors are more active and their precision increases considerably, a bit like when we start a workout with our Apple Watch.
In the standard use, instead, I preferred to put the Mishiko in battery saving , by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner , so between a walk a day and savings you get on average 2/3 days of use.

Then you can load the collar at night, while our friend sleeps peacefully.

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