Jul 12, 2020
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A simply excellent smartphone, one of the best tested this year.

It is easy to do the Motorola Edge + review, because this device is beautiful to look at and pleasant to use, you couldn’t ask for more.

Like all smartphones around, it is not perfect, but it still has many cards to play in the competition of the super top of the range.

Also keep in mind that the price has already fallen since the launch and today instead of paying 1,199 euros, you could even find it at 999 or 1,052 euros, therefore in line with devices that are less complete.

Beyond the price positioning, it must be recognized that Motorola Edge + is an important step forward from Motorola, perhaps even better than that made with Motorola Razr.


  • Battery life
  • Display quality
  • Best Motorola camera


  • There is no IP certification
  • night shots

Packaging and design

The new Motorola Edge + is sold with a fairly rich package, in which there is a fast “turbo power” charger; in reality it has only 18W, so it is far inferior to some Asian competitors, but the charge is still fast enough.

In the box there are also a silicone cover, connection / charging cable and headphones with 3.5 mm connection, because the good news is that Edge + has a cable hole for headphones.

The design is characterized by the curved screen with an angle of almost 90 degrees, which gives a wonderful visual effect.

On the back there is the classic “traffic light” that would seem to house three cameras, but in reality there are 4 sensors because there is also the TOF (Time Of Flight) camera that measures depth with extreme precision.

One of the two sides is perfectly “clean”, while on the right there are power button and volume control.

On the lower side there are speakers, USB Type C connector and sim card drawer, which houses 1 single Nano Sim. There is no memory expansion in the Edge + model.

On the upper side there is the 3.5 mm connector for headphones.

The display

A masterpiece. The extreme lateral curvature offers a splendid effect, which also takes advantage of the luminous signals of the notifications, a gem borrowed from some OPPOs and OnePlus, which is beautiful to look at.

When a notification arrives, the display lights up with a bright line on the edges. Wonderful.

The panel is a 6.7-inch diagonal OLED, with a 90 hz refresh rate. It therefore does not reach the 120 hz of some competitors, but it is all health for the battery and the visual difference is very limited.

The ratio is 19.5: 9 with a total area of ​​110.2 mm2, a density of 385 pixels per inch and a phantasmagoric screen-to-surface ratio of 95.8%.

Simply gorgeous to see because the frames don’t seem to exist.

Curiously, when you turn on the screen and “rotate” it you notice how the brightness of the curved edges is different from that of the flat surface, but it is a detail that probably only a sick person like me notices and does not affect daily use.

Above the display there is a slot that houses the second speaker to produce excellent quality stereo sound. We go back.

The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 5, it seems resistant to stress, but I do not give up the use of the cover that is found in the package.

The screen is excellent, thanks to support for the HDR10 + standard.

Hardware and software

Motorola has produced its greatest efforts to make Edge +, which is based on the extremely powerful Snapdragon 865 processor, combined with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory with the UFS 3.0 standard.

The GPU is Adreno 650 and it is known because the quality of the graphics is always at the top.

As anticipated, there is stereo audio that has ABSURD quality! Made together with the Israeli company Waves, the audio sector of Motorola Edge and Edge + is the best ever heard on a smartphone in recent years.

It was from the time of HTC BoomSound that I did not feel a quality of this type, excellent, with a low endowment that for many other top-of-the-range smartphones is a dream.

As anticipated, there is the headphone jack, whose finish is not gorgeous, but once again I look for the fur.

The fingerprint sensor is hidden under the display and curiously there is no unlocking with the face.

The software is the closest to the stock version of Android, the purest and the most pleasant one for me, with the only addition of the so-called “moto actions” that are used to activate some phone options quickly.

Two hammer blows and the torch is turned on, a shaker on the phone and the camera is turned on.

To this is added the Moto Display, the best implementation of always on display, which not only delivers notifications but also adds the possibility to interact with them.

If that’s not enough, we can also add the customization of the interface that allows you to choose a “base” color around which the appearance of the phone is built, an option that we have also seen in OnePlus phones.

It is to be hoped that because the software is almost “stock” the updates will be very fast.

The curved screen could create some difficulties in reading and interacting, but Motorola has also thought of this because it is enough to give “two touches” to the edge of the display, to avoid that the screens “overflow” towards the curved areas, in some making the app buttons.

Speaking of borders, there is an option to call up some quick functions with a simple double tap right on the curved part of the screen.

I never remember having that option but when I use it it is very convenient.

Motorola Edge + review: the camera

Finally. I could not say more after having long tried the Motorola Edge + cameras, which are the best ever seen on a Motorola smartphone.

And I say “finally” because it took some time for the Lenovo / Motorola engineers to find a “square” with photographic sensors.

But the end result says it was worth it: now the last step is missing, that of the night photos, which are beautiful, but not phenomenal and this could probably be the definitive gift with the next flagship.

However, it must be emphasized that this smartphone does not really lack anything on the front of the photographs.

The main sensor is 108 mpx and works with the well-known principle of pixel binning, the one for which 4 pixels in 1 are merged to obtain a better quality of the shots. The video footage can reach a definition of 6K and are stabilized with an optical system.

The rear block is completed by a 16 mpx wide angle lens with f / 2.2 aperture and a 3X optical zoom with optical stabilization.

Finally, there is the 3D depth sensor, with the Time Of Flight camera. The photos at night, although not among the best ever, are still of fairly good quality.

On the front, however, a “little hole” houses the 25 mpx selfie cam, capable of shooting videos at 1080 pixels.

I know, the subject is what it is, but the photo is beautiful. When you take a selfie, a circumference lights up around the front sensor, to look at the right spot.

The depth transmitted by these images is truly remarkable.

It won’t be the best product on the market, but you won’t regret the photos you take with Motorola Edge +.


Nothing to say, maximum satisfaction also on this front. However, I must admit that I didn’t put the battery to the test with the use of 5G, because in the area where I live there is no coverage.

But let’s say that with the result that I get in 4G I am confident that even with the fast network there are no problems. 5,000 mAh capacity, with 18W turbo power charging.

There is 15W wireless charging and the possibility of reverse charging with a power of 5W.

Prices and availability

The official price of Motorola Edge + is 1,199 euros, but as anticipated in the opening it is already at a better price, to be precise around 1,050 euros .

If the trend is that of a further descent, this may be one of the best Buy of the season.

Motorola Edge + review, conclusions

I like it. Point. I have no particular exceptions to raise, because I look hard on smartphones and this is one of the most pleasant to use in recent months.

I have no qualms about saying that this is a purchase (albeit expensive) of the highest level. Promoted with flying colors by Mister Gadget.

Motorola Edge +
  •         Design
  •         Battery
  •         Software speed
  •         Camera
  •         Display


In short words

One of the best smartphones tested this year. The camera, although not the best, is excellent and overall there is quality to sell.

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