Jun 20, 2019
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Nokia 2.2: here is the Italian preview review

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Here we are in Milan: we participated in the presentation for the European market of the new Nokia terminal designed to be a new “entry level of quality”.

It’s called Nokia 2.2 and it will have a very interesting entry price: it starts from only € 109 for the model equipped with 2GB of RAM, and € 139 for the model with 3GB.

Let’s see a brief review in Italian in the video at the end of the article, but first some details.

The 6 key points of Nokia 2.2

A 13MP camera with sophisticated artificial intelligence , capable of taking photos in the dark and automatically improving details, emphasizing light and applying the HDR effect.

Facial unlocking: the first € 109 smartphone with front camera release (the back fingerprint is not present)

A dedicated button to activate Google Assistant in a flash
Pure Android One
Economy and quality
Guaranteed updates
Updates for 2 and 3 years

Speaking of updates: for all Nokia products from 2017 onwards (the year in which Finnish terminals have returned to the market), 2 years of operating system updates and 3 years of security patch updates are guaranteed , at least once per month; this range is at least twice the frequency of the competition.
Well done Nokia!

Video review in preview

I leave you with a quick review “of first impression” made directly at the Nokia event, waiting to receive a test sample for an in-depth review.

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