Dec 6, 2018
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Nokia 7.1: the very smart alternative

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The Nokia 7.1 is a very complete product, with a good hardware equipment and an excellent quality software ratio. If the budget is important to you, this is a smart choice.

Elaborating the review Nokia 7.1 I evaluated how the world of technology is split in two: on the one hand who buys a phone reading only the technical specifications, on the other who instead does not even know them but simply wants products that work well.

This Nokia 7.1 is dedicated to who you belong to the latter category of users. People who are not very interested in the technical data in itself, able to bear the idea of ​​having in your pocket a smartphone that does not have the most powerful processor on the market and able to deal with those who have a camera with a few megapixels more.

A product that has no points of excellence in technical specifications, but that still works very well in all its aspects, with the only doubt related to the battery, which is not the best possible.


Bright and bright display
Great camera
Construction quality


Just enough battery
Processor a little dated
Software with some imperfections
Nokia 7.1 review: the technical sheet
Display: 5.84 “with notch, ratio 19: 9 432 pixels per inch, IPS LCD, 1080 x 2280 pixels
Processor: snapdragon 636, octa core 4 x Kyro 1.8 ghz, 4 x Kyro 1.6 ghz
Internal memory: 32 gb
Double sim with hybrid system: 1 nano sim + microSD or 2 nano sim
Rear camera: 12 mpx F / 1.8 + 5 mpx F / 2.4, EIS, 4K video at 30 fps, HDR video, HDR Photo
Front camera: 8 mpx, 1080p video at 30 fps
Battery: 3060 mAh
Navigation speed: 300 mbps download, 50 mbps upload
Measurements: 149.7 x 71.18 x 9.14 mm
Weight: 160 grams

Nokia 7.1 review: a “normal” card for an excellent phone

We start from an important assumption: today this phone is sold for less than 300 euros , a perfect placement for a device that is pleasant to use, nice to see and complete in its proposal.

Of course, Nokia could have chosen a more “recent” processor because the Snapdragon 660 has been on the market for quite some time, but the preference for the tried and tested “636” has been tuned for a correct balance in consumption.

In fact, the decision was wise because this phone arrives in the evening a little in debt of energy and a more “voracious” processor would have been a problem.

The 5.84-inch display mirrors the size of the iPhone X, in fact seen from the front is not easy to recognize a device from the other.

There is the notch, but it is not particularly invasive, just as the lower edge is quite small, with a very pleasant symmetrical effect.

Excellent construction quality , with fine details and fine materials, which transfer a value far higher, than what would suggest the price of about € 260 if you buy it online.

The camera behaves very well and offers the same solutions that have been introduced in Nokia’s superior quality issues ,

In general, the dual sensor with 12 and 5 mpx, in which the most powerful has aperture F / 1.8, has a good sensitivity, always compared to the price of the device.

The 8 mpx front camera shoots good images, but do not expect competition masterpieces.

The shots with “bokeh” effect are called “vertical mode” and the result you see above.

Excluding the horror of the subject, you can clearly grasp the effect that is generated by software; the front sensor is in fact single and there is no depth support.

Looking for a bit ‘hair in the egg, it must be said that the camera protrudes a bit’: it has no “sharp” effect, but makes the phone a bit ‘unstable when you click on the display while resting on a table.

The snapdragon 636 processor works well when you do not roll your neck. Even if you use several “expensive” applications, like google maps, Facebook and maybe the camera all together, the phone shows some limitations, but if you do not ask the impossible is reactive and usually also contains overheating well enough.

If you use it playing, some limit appears more evident and sometimes there is some “drop” in the frames. How I like to write these things that make it seem like I understand something

The allocation of RAM is 3 GB in the normal version and is adequate to the type of processor, put more it would not make much sense, it would be like putting a high power motor on a car with the structure of a tricycle.

The software is Android One in its 8.1.0 version and this declination of Android should ensure frequent and particularly timely updates, we will see over time if the promise will be maintained even by Nokia.

In terms of other brands, this is not always the case, we are waiting for the Finnish manufacturer to try to understand if users’ experience will be protected over time.

The battery , for what I could try, is for me the most delicate point. It works well, but when you arrive at the end of the day you are always “on the hair”. Surely some more mAh would have been more than welcome.

Nokia 7.1 review: conclusions

Good, very good. Here is my overall vote for the new Nokia 7.1, which has an excellent quality / price ratio and a very good manufacturing level.

It is not the phone for those who want the latest technical specifications, but for those who want something practical, which does not cost an eye.

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