Jul 14, 2019
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Nokia 9 PureView, the perfect travel companion of the photojournalist

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Today more than ever the news is told with images.

With the advent of social media, it almost seems like the news arrives first to the public and to the newsrooms. Indeed, “being on the news” requires greater speed and responsiveness than a few years ago.

This change has also influenced the way journalism is done and the professional figures that belong to this world. One of them is the photojournalist , a journalist who, by definition, tells stories through images.

In the past, networks did not allow rapid data transfer; consequently, the way a photojournalist worked was very different.

The news did not travel at the speed with which they run today and there was relatively more time available; for example the post-production on the shots, maybe in the editorial office or in the studio, before their publication in support of the articles in the newspapers.

The music has changed

Photojournalists are still traveling around the world in search of images that remain in history as indelible testimonies of current events, but the time available to them to produce the perfect shot is less and less. The news must “come out” as soon as possible and in some cases the traditional reflex and the editing of the shots on the portable PC may not be the ideal solution.

The new ally

However, a few months ago photojournalists could have an extra ally or, better to say, the discreet traveling companion ready to support them in case of need: this is the Nokia 9 PureView , the world’s first smartphone equipped with 5 cameras .
Designed to meet the needs of photography enthusiasts, the smartphone offers the possibility of capturing images in uncompressed “DNG” RAW format and reworking them on the phone itself using Adobe Lightroom.

An advantage not just for today’s photojournalists who would be able to capture and process the perfect shot in no time; then they can send it to the office ready to be published almost in real time.

“Today’s world is running at double speeds compared to a few years ago, and the many challenges facing today’s professionals can be overcome thanks to the support of new technologies,” says Alberto Colombo, HMD’s General Manager for Italy Global. “Nokia 9 PureView as well as being a smartphone dedicated to those who make photography a passion, it also wants to be a tool that simplifies the life of those who tell stories with images and want to do it quickly and effectively”.

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