Apr 12, 2020
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Pictar One Review – The grip to turn the iPhone into a real camera

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Probably everyone, some more, some less, has already felt the need to have a more “advanced” camera in their iPhones.
Something that allows you to manually manage focus, shutter speeds, and so on; so far we have had to resort to third-party apps, with limited functions and all with uncomfortable screen buttons.

“And then … THE REVOLUTION!”

Finally, thanks to Miggo with its Pictar One grip , there is now the possibility to manage, in a very comfortable way and with REAL keys and wheels , a myriad of functions. Are we ready to become creative photographers?


The product packaging is extremely accurate and gives a lot of satisfaction when opening; the equipment is really complete and even includes a comfortable carrying case for the Pictar. There are also comfortable wrist straps.

🛠️ HOW IT’S DONE? 🛠️

The plastics are robust and the choice of black and silver colors, combined with the presence of details with a leather effect texture, gives the idea of ​​having in your hands a product that is immediately recognizable as “belonging to the photographic world”.

The iPhone fits between the two parts of the body, which have a strong spring, so as to avoid accidental falls.
The grip under the fingers is well pronounced and offers a firm grip. On the whole, it forms a pleasant whole to handle!

The model I reviewed hosts iPhone 8 Plus or lower, but my X is very comfortable using a transparent cover of intermediate thickness.

The ferrules are also made of plastic; the front one also supports the middle click, which can also be used as a selfie button. Below a clear picture of all the functions.

Unfortunately on my copy one of the two upper ferrules is harder to turn than the other, I tried to make many “laps” of break-in but it remained so … I don’t know how to tell you if it is a characteristic or a defect on my product.

On the bottom we find a classic screw mount for tripod, while on the inside there is the battery, a CR2 that guarantees an impressive autonomy , up to 6 months of use, also because the Pictar does not communicate with the iPhone through Bluetooth, but with a patented ultrasound technology, much more saving.
For data fanatics, Pictar operates at high frequency (18.500 – 20.000 khz) and double tone, sounds not perceived by the human ear.

A non-slip textured pattern covers the interior; remember the presence of a cold-shoe sled to hook LED lights, such as the Muse line by Manfrotto , light and powerful.

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