Jul 20, 2020
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Review new Ninebot E25E – E45E scooters

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Summer is coming, and new models of scooters are upon us. Thanks to our sources, we got to know in advance prices and features of the new Ninebot E25E and E45E scooters , of which we will soon see a review.

After the Ninebot E22E, two new models.

The Ninebot E22E was announced last week and stands as the entry-level of the new 2020 range of Ninebot scooters.
Among the most criticized features, the low speed: only 20 km / h. Also present is the “license plate holder”, which together with the low speed makes it homologable for the German market. 22 km can be covered.

Ninebot E25E

Ninebot E25E , the second of the 3 new models, has a speed of 25 km / h, quite comparable to the outgoing ES2 model.
It also shares with the new range the dual density rubber without tubing , from 9 ″, filled with a special anti-shock foam, and will have a front shock absorber.

This combined, should satisfy most users; too many times I have had to advise many guys who follow us whether to prefer the rigid rubber of Ninebot (anti puncture but expensive to replace) or the standard rubber of Xiaomi (without shock absorbers but cheap to replace, easy to puncture).
In fact, there is a mix of benefits: you cannot puncture and you have a rubber of important dimensions (9 inches) filled with a special shock-absorbing foam, plus a real front shock.

Also new are the increased fenders while the engine is a whopping 300W .
It guarantees a consistent thrust, especially in sport mode, and allows you to overcome climbs with slopes of even 15 degrees, without hesitating particularly, if not starting from a standstill.

The autonomy km is about 25 and the weight is 14.4 kg, slightly heavier than the model it replaces.
The brake is an electric pedal front and rear, a mix that convinced me: every time we brake we charge the battery, as happens on electric cars; for emergency or demanding braking, the more immediate rear brake remains valid.

Ninebot E45E

The new E45E will be the replacement of the ES4 model: in the same way it will be pre-equipped with the additional battery on the handlebar, in order to almost double the autonomy available: it is in fact about 45 km.
For this reason, E25E and E45E are identical in terms of chassis and performance, differing only in autonomy .

Scooter Bonus: Will It Work?

A good question: the state has confirmed that it has doubled the initial bonus of 120 million to 240 million euros , which should allow approximately 800,000 Italians to receive a refund of 60% of the cost of the scooter (or bike) up to a maximum of 500 €.
Still uncertain, to date, whether it will be necessary to exploit the portal that will be set up on the web or a dedicated app to download to your smartphone.

Price and availability Ninebot E25E

The Ninebot E25E will have a price of 549 € and will be available in physical stores and online from the beginning of August 2020 (the exact date is not yet 100% sure).

Price Ninebot E45E

The Ninebot E45E will have a price of 729 € and will be available in physical stores and online from the end of August 2020 (the exact date is not yet 100% sure).

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