May 24, 2019
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Review Redmi 7: you won’t find better at 130 euros

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You won’t find better at this price. Fair allocation and all the aspects that improve compared to Redmi 6

I used the new low-cost smartphone for a few days and today I present my review Redmi 7 , the best deal you can make for 130 euros.

I try to clear every doubt: this is a device that I (personally) don’t like, because I have a different category product in my pocket and the difference in everyday use is more than obvious.

But if I think of the price you have to pay to buy it, I tell you that this (in full Redmi tradition, the Xiaomi sub-brand) is a super bargain.

Review Redmi 7: the technical sheet

DISPLAY : IPS, 6.26 inch LCD, 97.8 cm2, 81.5% total aspect ratio, 269 ppi, 720 x 1520 pixels
PROCESSOR : Qualcomm Snapdragon 632, 4 x 1.8 kyro 250 gold + 4 x 1.8 Kyro 250 Silver)
RAM : 2/3/4 GB
MAIN CAMERA : 12 mpx F / 2.2 + 2 mpx, video 1080 @ 30 fps
FRONT CAMERA : 8 mpx F / 2.0
BATTERY : 4.000 mAh
MEASUREMENTS : 158.7 X 75.6 X 8.5 MM
WEIGHT : 180 grams

The user experience

We always keep in mind who this smartphone is aimed at and what its price is for an evaluation. I state that I would advise you to make a little effort and to buy the new Redmi Note 7 without delay , which you will find with a little extra expense.

But if for you this is the budget for the telephone, then I tell you that on the whole we are talking about a product well done and with details that drastically improve compared to the previous model.

Bigger display, better processor, more attractive casing, without imitating metal, but embracing the plastic with bright colors without delay.

In its “normal” use it is responsive and fast, but don’t ask too much with street navigation, video editing and maybe recordings of stories on Instagram all together, because the phone could show the rope.

The software

Complete, as always, there are no particular renunciations that you have to do, there are also gestures, which are mainly related to the use of function keys, which can respond differently depending on whether they are pressed normally, twice or for a long time.


In line with the device category. It has grown in size compared to Redmi 6, a good definition, with a notch drop. In the light of the sun you can read discreetly, but you’ll have to struggle a little with the reflections.


The new Snapdragon 632 is a really interesting device. Especially since the previous model had a Mediatek solution inside . By the way, what happens to Mediatek itself even if low-cost phones adopt Qualcomm?

The allocation of RAM changes depending on the models, I STRONGLY recommend the models with an allocation of at least 3 GB of RAM. Two gigas with today’s applications are likely to become a narrow sentence.


Here I have to use a proven formula: the 12 + 2 mpx sensor is discreet when there is light, but in the dark it shows all its limits. Try to take lots of photos outdoors and leave those indoors for situations of extreme necessity.

You can’t have everything for 130 euros and this should be clear. You would never dream of buying a Panda with the pretense of the roar of a Porsche engine.

Let’s get used to the same proportion even in technology.


A certainty. Never had problems getting to the end of the day. If you don’t get it, the problem isn’t the phone, it’s you.

Any other business

The Micro SD connector in mid-2019 makes me smile, but it’s also true that there is a 3.5 mm headphone connector.

Not only that, because there is also the FM Radio, a very wise choice, to listen to Mister Gadget also in FM. And then there’s the fingerprint sensor on the back, which will be a bit retro but I like it better than those placed under the display.

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