Aug 5, 2020
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

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The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is the first Samsung tablet of 2020. A model that is located under the Galaxy Tab S6 and the Galaxy Tab S5e and which, unlike the latter, offers S-Pen compatibility. A sufficient argument?


In 2019, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Tab S5e as well as its Rolls of tablets, the Galaxy Tab S6 – currently the best tablet on Android. With this Lite version, the manufacturer offers a sort of compromise between the two, replacing the oled panel so as to offer a more attractive price. But it is especially the presence of the stylus that distinguishes this new model from the Galaxy Tab S5e.

In fact, it is offered from € 399 or € 469 in 4G version. A price that places it against the Huawei MediaPad M6 10.8 inch, but also against its sister the Galaxy Tab S5e . At Apple, this S6 Lite competes with the new iPad of 2019 .


Aesthetically, the Tab S6 Lite looks exactly like the Galaxy Tab S6. The design introduced with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e has proven itself and offers a polished finish to the recent tablets of the South Korean firm. The Tab S6 Lite keeps more or less the same dimensions as its big sister and gains a little thickness (7 mm against 5.7 mm). She is also a bit overweight (465 g against 420 g for the Tab S6).

Visually, the front does not change much. But Samsung preferred to offer here an LCD panel instead of the Oled present on the two other tablets mentioned earlier. The display is a bit smaller and increases to 10.4 inches. This brings a lower occupancy rate (78%) and a 5: 3 ratio.

Finally, it is on the back that the biggest changes are visible. The concave space reserved for recharging the stylus disappears, as does the second photo sensor. If there is indeed an S-Pen with the tablet, it does not offer as many possibilities as that of the Galaxy Tab S6. It is however posed by magnetism on the right edge, which makes it possible not to lose it when it is not used.

In terms of ergonomics, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is convincing, thanks in particular to its 5: 3 format, ideal for reading. The volume and lock buttons, positioned on the right edge, are easily accessible. For its part, the S-Pen remains as relevant and precise as ever. Only biometric recognition spoils the party. The absence of a fingerprint sensor and true facial recognition pushes us to return to the diagrams, PIN code and other passwords.


The Tab S6 Lite offers a 3.5 mm mini-jack socket. It seems that Samsung did not bother too much with the settings since our measurements are almost identical to those noted on the S5e. The latter delivers good power, which may be suitable for a good number of helmets. No complaints about the distortion and the dynamics which are excellent. On the other hand, the problem of stereo reproduction does not seem to have been solved. The latter is still just as bad.

Output level107 mVrms97.5 mVrms
Distortion + Noise0.002%0.006%
Dynamic range105 dB96.2 dB
Crosstalk-45 dB-60.1 dB

Positioned on the upper and lower sections in portrait mode, the two speakers offer a pleasant experience. The delivered sound manages to keep its clarity even at the highest volume levels. We only regret moderate power. However, they allow a comfortable viewing of a series or a film.


The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite sports a 10.4-inch LCD panel in 2000 x 1200 pixels. A screen pretty good anyway, even if we will have to be satisfied with the factory settings since Samsung did not want to offer adjustment parameters.

We thus measure a Delta E at 2.8 with drifts mainly on the RGB tones. For example, blue reaches a Delta E of 6 when green and red are 4. Expert eyes will easily be able to spot the colorimetric faults of this display. However, it catches up on the color temperature. It stands at 6,940 Kelvin, very close to the standard (6,500 K).

Its maximum brightness has been raised to 396 cd / m², a suitable value, but quite low compared to what the competition or even other recent models from Samsung can offer. Fortunately, the management of the reflections of the slab is good (46.8%). As is, you can read under the sun without too many problems. At night, the story is different since the display is too bright to be pleasant (minimum brightness at 8.7 cd / m²).

The contrast ratio is 1,844: 1, a very good result for an LCD panel. The tactile delay is 94 ms and the remanence time is 19 ms.


The graph above shows the results almost identical to those of the smartphone. Also, we can see the power difference between the Galaxy Tab S6 and the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. The performance of the new tablet is therefore mixed. She knows how to handle multiple applications properly – even if the greediest have it faltering somewhat. For the game, the S6 lite suffers a bit and you have to make a compromise between fluidity and graphics, when the game settings offer this choice.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has only one sensor, like the Galaxy Tab S5e and the 10-inch Galaxy Tab A. Its resolution is 8 megapixels.

By day, the shots of the Tab S6 Lite are highly smoothed and offer a blurred result. However, the colors are a little more faithful than those of the Tab S5e, which tends to draw towards red.

At night, the Tab S6 Lite suffers from the same faults as the Tab S5e, but worse. The picture is so noisy that it is unusable. In addition, we note chromatic aberrations, visible at the end of the map and faces in the upper left corner of our test scene.

Front sensor, portrait and video mode

At the front, the front module has a 5 MP sensor and does not work miracles. The pictures taken turn out to be smooth and unrealistic while the overall lighting remains average. This is enough for video. Note that the tablet is able to run in 1080p without problem.


The tablet has a 7,040 mAh battery. A large accumulator which allows it to last 17 h 17 min according to our autonomy protocol. A better result than that of the Galaxy Tab S6 (14 h 49 min) but less good than that of the Galaxy Tab S5e (20 h 34 min).

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