Jan 3, 2021
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 makes tablet buyer’s guide

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Barely out of the lab, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 tablet has joined our guide to buying the best products in this market. And for good reason, it is quite simply the new benchmark for Android tablets.

If you have read our review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 , you are surely already aware: we liked this tablet very much. She also collected the maximum score, and for good reason. Its finishes are excellent, its LCD panel is doing very well, its performance is at the top, its photo modules are very correct, its autonomy is more than satisfactory … In short, there is a new sheriff in town in the world of tablets tactile.

It is therefore not surprising to see this product directly join our buying guide dedicated to this segment. Sold around € 680 by most resellers, it carves out a place of choice in the category of references under € 700, alongside the Apple iPad Air 2019 version. This is not simply the best value for money if you are looking for a rather high-end tablet, since it collects the same rating as the 4 iPads trusting the two most expensive categories of the guide.

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