Jul 18, 2019
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Tesla thinks of a store for games and apps

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Those who know Tesla’s world well know that the manufacturer has decided to add some very simple games to the software of its electric cars that people can start while they are parked. A way to pass the time while waiting to be able to leave. A solution that has been very successful and for this reason Elon Musk has long been thinking of opening the platform of its infotelematic system to developers in order to make third party applications and games available.

However, this is a long-term project in which the company is interested but not immediately. Tesla’s CEO said that this project could take hold when the fleet of electric cars grows further. For now, they are working directly with some developers on game porting. Since Tesla launched Model S in 2012, the automaker had hinted at the possibility of releasing a software development kit (SDK) to create a complete third-party app ecosystem to be used through the maxi touch displays of its cars.

Since then the automaker has created an unofficial API that enables some very simple third-party apps, but has not released an SDK. Later, Musk stated that he planned to offer mirroring of apps from the phone through the center console of his cars’ telematic system. A solution that looks like CarPlay and Android Auto.

Years later, neither the app ecosystem nor the app mirroring function actually arrived but Elon Musk is still intent on wanting to open his platform to third-party developers once his fleet of cars has become larger.

The reason for this waiting is very simple. To make it worthwhile to build an app for a platform, it must be potentially installed on a sufficiently large number of devices. Currently, the Tesla car fleet has passed the milestone of 500,000 units with the goal of producing 500,000 cars a year.

Furthermore, it is necessary to offer a coherent platform. The Model 3 which is the most famous Tesla today has a horizontal display while the Model S and Model X have a vertical display.

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