Jun 5, 2020
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OPPO wanted to share the stages of the process that led to the new flagship.

In the coming weeks it will arrive on the market, today we try to reveal the secrets of OPPO Find X2 by reading the words of its development team.

The new OPPO smartphone has been postponed for a few weeks and its debut is set for the next month of May, but we have already had the opportunity to try it and it must be said that it is one of the most powerful devices ever seen on the market.

It is not only the performance guaranteed by its processor that amazes, but also the results obtained by taking photos and shooting videos, in both cases of excellent quality.

The design is not particularly original, but it has some interesting distinctive features, including the choice of “synthetic leather” for the back.

And then there is the battery, which guarantees a stress-free working day and keeps you going even when connected in 5G.

But how do you get to a product with this level of quality? The OPPO development team explains it to us, in the document that you find below.

It is a somewhat long, but very interesting reading.

The secrets of OPPO Find X2, the official press release

 Probably, the main reason for the popularity of smartphones lies in the fact that they unify and combine all the elements belonging to the consumer electronics industry, making the “documentation of the world” easier, faster and more harmonious.

Once upon a time, OPPO’s slogan was simply “camera phone”, indicating the emphasis, technological relevance and deep understanding of OPPO for the role of the camera as a fundamental tool in the company’s perspective.

And it is following this line of thought that Find X2 Pro has been designed, equipped with a high-level professional display with a refresh rate of 120Hz, 3K QHD + and 1 billion colors, as well as a cutting-edge camera system.

The screen, in fact, is able to reproduce a real world full of colors, while the camera records it.

Entering the 5G era, the camera is still a widely used tool and with the emergence of networks of this type characterized by high speed and low latency, its potential will be further explored.

Of course, after years of development and implementation of competitive solutions, the Find X2 Pro wants to push beyond the boundaries of the capabilities that mobile phone cameras are equipped with, facing a far from simple challenge.

Go back to the origins to observe the future

As OPPO’s flagship product designed for the premium market, the Find X2 Pro will guarantee users the best possible shooting experience.

With its design, in fact, the research and development team wanted to perfect and push beyond the limits the shooting performance within various scenarios, including the night scene, the wide angle, the telephoto lens and the video, always reaching standards higher.

Obviously, to achieve such dynamic performances, OPPO had to deal with unprecedented technical challenges.

To find the answers they needed, the OPPO Research and Development team therefore decided to “go back to basics”.

And it is with this in mind that we have examined the evolution and development of the camera of the mobile phone, looking for its gaps through the comparison between photos taken with smartphone cameras and images produced by professional DSLR cameras, and then reviewing the five specifications of the sensors, i.e. photo sensitivity, dynamic range, color depth, focus performance and signal-to-noise ratio.

Finally, a new set of specific standards for the Find X2 Pro camera system has been designed and introduced.

  • The sensitivity of photography has been improved by over 50%.
  • Full Well Capacity increased by 50%.
  • 12-bit color depth recording and direct output of 12-bit RAW data.
  • 100% pixel focusing capability and omnidirectional phase detection.
  • Native double ISO at DSLR level.

The main camera of the Find X2 Pro adopts the 48MP pixel IMX689 module, developed and customized in collaboration with Sony.

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