Jan 15, 2021
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Troy Baker talks about the challenges of working on Dirt 5

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We recently interviewed one of the most prolific voices in the entire gaming industry, Troy Baker, who we asked a lot of questions about what it was like to work on Dirt 5 , which is a less narrative experience than what he’s usually used to.

To begin with, we asked Baker how he came up with the Dirt 5 project , and he said, “I started talking to the guys at Codemasters, they said, ‘what if we put this storyline into our game and give them truly a narrative framework, for something that is, in general, a driver-driven game. ‘”

We asked him later if this gender change had been challenging, but Baker said, “It’s a challenge, because it’s something I’ve never done before, and when it’s a franchise I know … being part of a franchise. of which I know the game, and now I am, it’s the best part. “

We also asked Baker what his character represents. He told us, “It was something very different. I walked in and they said, ‘Here’s a bible about AJ, with appendices’, and they had done all this exhaustive work to tell me who this person was, which allowed me as an actor, to be able to say, “Great! How do you respond to this situation. ‘”

You can find the full interview in which Baker delves into all these areas above. Including a look at her relationship wit

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