Jan 28, 2020
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Watch the Atlas biped robot do gymnastics

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There are several new features for Boston Dynamics robots , some of which are actually considered quite disturbing. The first is that the bipedal Atlas robot has literally learned to do gymnastics , as shown by a new video that shows its ability to move, well above that of parkour shown a few months ago.

Atlas runs, performs several somersaults, jumps on himself even doing a pirouette and landing with raised arms: a true champion of gymnastics, even better than some human being lazy from a sedentary life. Atlas moves in such a realistic way also thanks to a new technology that manages to rationalize all the processes concerning the movement of the limbs. There is indeed an algorithm that can transform and optimize every maneuver into movements that can be replicated.

Atlas then manages to move using a predictive model that allows you to create continuity and fluidity between one movement and another. A goal also achieved by the quality robotic components of Boston Dynamics, which can now develop its movement routines much faster. Not satisfied with the result achieved, the company has officially put the “robot dog” Spot on sale , also a protagonist in the past of several videos.

Obviously it will not be possible to buy Spot in a simple shop. We do not even know the price at which it is sold, but the typical customer is the company that can exploit it in different ways. In short, it is clearly not a consumer product. The company continues to reiterate that it has no intention of making Spot a weapon, among other things, the robot does not yet have an intelligence to interpret the places in which it moves. Demonstrations on video were carried out in paths created and simplified to guide him through the movements.

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