Jun 11, 2018
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Wiko View 2 Pro – Good hardware, discrete performance

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The review Wiko View 2 Pro and at the same time I show you what changes between Wiko View 2 and View 2 Pro, for those of you who are still uncertain about the purchase and has no clear differences.


In Italy, the new Wiko products are presented as “democratic luxury”, thanks to the positioning that is 299 euros for the Pro model and 199 for the normal model, but we should probably take a look at the “real” prices, because online the basic model is 135 euros, while the richer version is purchased with around 255 euros.

It is clear that at this price they represent a challenge for everyone, above all for the aesthetic care with which they are made.


The screen is the business card of the smartphone, with a look very similar to that of Essential Phone, with a kind of “eye” in the middle of the top of the panel, which has a 19: 9 ratio and a diagonal of 6 inches. The surface occupies 80.6% of the total, with very small frames, but a very low definition compared to what the competition offers, stops at 720 x 1528 pixels. The display is made with IPS LCD technology that ensures good readability, but in the sunlight you will do a little ‘effort, because the brightness is not very high.

The protection is guaranteed by Gorilla Glass, the total area is 89.6 cm2


We must be honest, Wiko View 2 Pro is more beautiful outside than inside, because the hardware is interesting, but lower than what other songs offer for the same price. I remind you that (for example) with the same official price you can take home Moto G6 Plus which has better processor and more powerful camera.

Wiko has in fact chosen the Snapdragon 450 processor, an octa-core clocked at 1.8 ghz, matched with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. There is a rear fingerprint sensor, there is a hybrid dual sim cassette. you have to choose whether to use two sims or a sim with a microSD.

The GPU is an Adreno 506 and it works well, I have not had major problems in the daily use of the phone to play.

The smartphone is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2, USB 2.0, while the modem is LTE category 6, but incredibly, the Wifi has only one band.

FM radio is missing. The dimensions of the phone are 153 x 72.6 x 8.3 mm, while the weight is 164 grams.


The new Wiko View 2 Pro has a dual 16 mpx camera with wide-angle shooting, with aperture F / 1.8. It supports 1080 pixel video with 60 frames per second. The best detail of the dual rear camera is the video stabilization, which behaves very well, but when we talk about photographic quality, we must trust in the presence of a lot of light, because in difficult conditions the shots are a bit ‘noisy.

The 16 mpx front camera has a very similar behavior, with good quality when there is a lot of light, but it makes a little effort when you are in less favorable situations.

Here is the effect “wide angle” with two shots that are not particularly inspired by the subject but help to understand what the difference in angle.

normal shot

shot with wide angle
The distortion of the forms is quite evident, nothing to do with respect to the result achieved by LG with G6 and G7, but we talk about products of other price range.

The portrait mode in the main camera is discreet, but sometimes the edges of the images are not accurately cut out.

I used Capitan Barrier to check the portrait mode, by clicking on the image you can access the media file in a larger version.

When you use the portrait mode the image processing is a bit ‘slow, from shooting to storage spend a little’ time.


The new Wiko View 2 Pro has a 3,000 mAh battery, more than enough for a day of use. At the end of the day I have an average of 20% of autonomy.


What are the main differences between the two different models that Wiko presents to the market? Seen in front of the two smartphones are the same, but inside there are several differences from the processor. The Pro model has a snapdragon 450, while the “base” version has a qualcomm snapdragon 435.

Also the ram changes, are 3 GB in the least expensive model, 4 GB in the Pro version.

Finally the camera, which is double 16 mpx in the Pro, single and 13 mpx in the cheaper.

There is also a difference in the memory that is aboard the devices, 32 gig against 64, I do not think it takes me to tell you who has more.

The official prices are 299 and 199 euros, but online are already cheaper prices.

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