Aug 20, 2020
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A smartphone with a competitive price, whose battery seems to never end.

The Wiko View 4 review is the result of a long story, which even begins in March, to be exact on day 9, when the smartphone arrives at my house while I am traveling to the hospital for the coronavirus.

I can finally make it even 3 months later and I am well aware that after so much it loses a bit of its appeal, but it is a bit like closing a circle to archive a strange period.

What the Wiko view 4 review can summarize in a few words is that the battery is practically unbeatable: the capacity of 5,000 mAh makes it an endurance champion.

Packaging and design

The Wiko View 4 box has a generous size and contains phone, charger, Micro-USB cable and headphones, however there is no cover, which some manufacturers now insert in the package.

The demerit note for a 2020 smartphone is precisely the type of connector chosen, because now almost all low cost products offer the new generation Type-C connector.

The phone has important dimensions, but an overall content of 180 grams, certainly facilitated by the fact that the structure is made of plastic.

The dimensions are 165.7 x 75.8 x 8.85 mm, on the right side there are the volume rocker and the power button, on the left the button for the Google assistant and the drawer for the three-compartment sim for use 2 nano sim and 1 microSD simultaneously.

On the upper part, however, there is the 3.5 mm connection hole for the headphones with the wire.

There is no fingerprint sensor, but you can unlock the phone with your face and the option is fairly fast.

Inside there is the FM radio, which requires headphones to receive the signal.


I remind you that we are talking about a product that is now sold at 145 euros, so it is unthinkable to be impressed by the technical data sheet, but it must be said that Wiko View 4 offers a more than good value for money, thanks also to the size of its screen.

The diagonal is 6.52 inches, with HD + definition of 1600 x 720, the frames are contained on the sides, a hair more visible in the upper and lower parts, but still more than acceptable.

For the front camera, the drop notch solution was chosen, which is pleasant to see.

I can’t tell you about the best display seen in the tests of these months, but of a solution in line with its cost, which offers good readability even in sunlight.

The light sensor is fairly fast.


There are three sensors on the back and one on the front. In the rear block, the main sensor is 13 mpx, to which are added a 5 mpx wide angle and a 2 mpx depth sensor.

On the front, however, there is an 8 mpx camera, which unfortunately does not offer the portrait effect, which can only be used with the main camera.

Photo quality is good when there is a lot of light, but it becomes less satisfying when shooting in low light conditions. Again, I have to call up the final price of this smartphone.

On the main camera there is digital stabilization, while the definition of the videos is 1080 pixels with 30 frames per second. The same applies to the photos: as long as there is light there is hope, when the light fades, the result is also proportional.

Hardware & Software

In the heart of Wiko View 4 there is a Mediatek Helio A25 MT6762D reminder that combines with 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory.

The smartphone is fairly fast, although Mediatek always reports some limitations in terms of responsiveness. In particular, when you open the camera, the time required for it to be used is slightly longer than that of competing products in the same price range.

I did not find any particular overheating, thermal management is quite efficient.

As for the other aspects of the hardware, the communication block provides support for 4G networks, while the wifi is compatible with B / G / N standards, not the best, but also in line with the competition in this case.

The bluetooth is in version 4.2, some Chinese competitors at a slightly higher price offer version 5.0, you have to decide if it is a relevant topic for you or not.

The operating system is Android 10, with a very light customization that is given by the apps rather than aesthetic changes.

For example, there is an app dedicated to the management of the Smart Folio cover, as well as the Wiko Health (health) app that collects data on your physical activities.

As anticipated, there are FM Radio and an intelligent assistant for the maintenance of the device.


On this front there is no doubt, the Wiko View 4 is a product that can reach 3 days of operation on a single charge, with an average use.

The capacity is 5,000 mAh and the promise is that of over 3,000 minutes of talk time and almost 900 hours of standby time.

Needless to say, there is no wireless charging nor fast charging.

Wiko View 4 review, conclusions

The Wiko View 4 review also comes to a final summary, which is simple. The Wiko Mobile smartphone has good hardware and an aggressive price if brought back to the battery.

There are no details of excellence in the hardware available, but an average good quality.

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