May 20, 2019
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Working with your teammates is the real strength of Team Sonic Racing

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During a recent trip to London to take a closer look at Team Sonic Racing we talked to Derek Littlewood, Studio Design Director of Sumo Digital, and with designer Ben Wilson about the game, and during our chat Wilson told us of how they developed the game around the concept of team, which encourages players to collaborate.

“We are giving players many occasions where they can actually do things with teammates, you really have the feeling that you are working with them rather than them,” he explained. “And when all this works and it’s fine, this is where the promise of team racing goes great, because you’re experiencing those moments where you really keep an eye on where your teammates are and what they’re doing, and you’re interested to help them improve their position, because then they are more useful because you can upgrade them and do even better. This interaction is the big news of this game. “

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